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Love can be a tricky game.

If you fancy someone, it can be difficult to know if they like you back *cue hours of stalking them online and asking your mates 'do you think I should text him?'*

Sometimes your crush may act coy or sometimes they can be genuinely shy and you just can't gauge what they're feeling.

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Well, according to new research, your eyes scan people's bodies differently depending on whether you want to be platonic or romantic with them.

The study, which was published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, studied 100 people and asked them to look at photographs of different people.

The researchers found that those who looked at the head and chest more were "assessing potential [romantic] mates," and those who looked at the legs and feet were more interested in friends.

"Eye gaze was a valid indicator of relationship interest. For women, looking at the head corresponded to greater interest in friendship, whereas for men looking at the head corresponded to less interest in friendship," the study said.

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The study concluded by saying: "Research on attraction tends to assume there is a fixed set of characteristics that makes a person desirable.

"This new study shows that what people look for in a prospective relationship partner depends on their relational goals.

"The same person who makes a highly desirable friend may not make a good mate," it added.


Don't get us wrong, we LOVE McDonald's. Nothing cheers us up more than launching into a Big Mac and getting burger sauce all over our hangover clothes.

But recently the fast food chain has been making a lot of changes to its menu… And we're not sure we like the latest.

Every blogger and Instagrammer's fave sweet treat has made it into the restaurant – macarons.

Yep, the French fancy has been welcomed in South Korea and are available in chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

While we love our macarons, we're just wondering how fancy Maccy D's is going to get. Will we no longer be able to rock up in a hungover state and eat until our heart's content?

The pastries are only available overseas at the moment, but if all goes well they'll be making their way to our shores.


We all love Christmas dinner, but sometimes the same old thing every single year can get a bit boring. 

If you're having guests over this Christmas and want to spice things up a bit, then try this carrot trick to mind-boggle your friends and family. 

Not only will it look super cool on the plate, after a few drinks you can give them the chance to try it themselves.

And believe us, after a second helping of mulled wine, their carrots will end up looking like a dog savagely ate it. 

So, now you have a new dinner staple and party trick. Win win! 



With the weather becoming extra chilly the past few weeks, we think it's time to start wrapping up!

And nothing comes in more handy than a good pair of boots during these colder times. 

We've found fabulous boots for you on the high street to suit every occasion that will come your way over the next few months. 

The Work Boot

These Boohoo boots will be comfy enough to stay in all through work, and they totally rock the season staple of fringe.


The Fancy Boot

Perfect for the weekend, these beauties will look very chic all through autumn and winter, no matter what else you're wearing. 


The Party Boot

If you don't want to freeze your toes off while wearing heels to a party, then opt for these New Look boots. They will probably look better than a pair of heels anyway!


The Day to Night Boot

These River Island grey suede boots are perfect for bringing you from the office to the bar. The heel height is quite small so there's no worries of sore feet!


The Sturdy Boot

These ASOS boots will get you through even the longest of days. Perfect if you're on your feet all day and want to keep warm.  


The Cool Boot

Heading to an event and you want to impress? Look slick and stylish in these green snakeskin boots. You'll be the envy of all your friends. 


The Day Off Boot

There's nothing better than a comfy boot for when you have a day off and the Chelsea style is perfect for lounging around. We love the colour of these Topshop ones



This sounds pretty good, we reckon!

The Killers' frontman, Brandon Flowers, sang a little bit from Iggy Azalea's summer hit, Fancy, at this year's V Festival and, well, he killed it!

Then again, is there any song that man couldn't make sound amazing?! 

The interpretive dance by drummer, Ronnie Vennucci, is by far our favourite part though. 


A Canadian man called Mark Hayes, and his anonymous friend, decided to take it upon themselves to figure out if McDonald’s food, could look as fancy as what you’d get in an expensive restaurant.

He posted his photos on reddit saying: “My friend and I squared off in the kitchen to see who could turn the ingredients of a Big Mac Meal fancy”.

The photos speak for themselves really – though is it just us, or does a burger in a box look a lot more appetising than when it’s all spread across a plate like this? 



This is truly excellent. 

Another video has been made of Barack Obama singing famous songs and this time it's one of our all time favourites. 

Watch as the President of the United States sings (well, sort of!) Iggy Azalea's summer hit, Fancy. 

Now if only we could get him to actually do it…!


This is the latest video from the WhatsUpMoms channel on YouTube. These mom’s have released their very own parody of Iggy Azalea’s song Fancy. The song which is called ‘I’m So Pregnant’ pokes fun at pregnancy symptoms. Check it out.


Iggy Azalea has become an international sensation thanks to her hit song, Fancy.

But apparently not everybody understands the lyrics to her famous song. Luckily, American presenter, Jimmy Kimmel came to the rescue with his latest show segment of New Lyrics for Old People.

Jimmy decided to translate some of the confusing slang in Fancy and of course, Iggy came on the show to help as well.



Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea has been revealed as the new face of Revolve’s Summer Clothing Campaign.

Iggy tweeted her excitement to her fans about working with the clothing company.

“Excited to announce that I’m the face of @revolveclothing’s summer campaign#RevolveXiggy”

Michael Mente who is CEO and founder Revolve, spoke of why the company chose Iggy to model their clothing collection.

“Iggy represents Revolve in both style and attitude. Our customer is risk-taking, sexy and confident, and Iggy is the perfect embodiment of that. We don’t like to play it safe, and neither does Iggy,”

The Fancy singer modelled Revolve’s various summer wear from: crop tops, high-waisted pencil skirts to two piece suits. The Aussie star certainly proved that she can pull off any look.








Australian rapper, Iggy Azalea has revealed the real reason for refusing to crowd-surf with fans.

The Fancy rapper says she can’t join crowds at her concerts anymore, as some of her fans have touched the artist inappropriately.

Iggy revealed whilst promoting her new single, that fans have tried to “finger” the star, during some of her performances.

“I will get lurk tweets for like a week before my show, like ‘I’m about to go to the Iggy Azalea show and I’m going to finger her,’ and I’ll see it and be like, please don’t! That’s a violation. I don’t actually like that stuff.”

The 23-year-old rapper said that some of her fans think they have a right to touch her inappropriately, as a result of some her song lyrics.

“Like, they think I’m real slutty, like ‘Oh, she got a song called ‘P—y,’ I know what she wants. She wants these two fingers.’ Why would I want a stranger to ever finger me? Buying my album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city.”

Iggy said that it was more girls who were violating her, rather than boys.

“The crazy thing is girls will try to do it the most. Girls will try to do it more than guys because girls think it’s cool, like, ‘What? We both got vaginas. It’s fine!’ Doesn’t make it OK.”

Iggy says even though she avoids the above incidences taking place by not crowd surfing. The rapper also wears two pairs of underwear and a “protective barrier”, just in case.