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Okay, so we have all had experiences with guys or gals ghosting us, right?

You think everything is going well, until one day they pull a Houdini and escape from our lives forever, never answering our texts even though they seemed interested that time we went for drinks.

And even though you have totally debased yourself by double-texting, they're as ghostly as Casper but so not as friendly.

So now you're totally over them, haven't thought about them in weeks and have pulled yourself out of the ghosting funk that was haunting you, when suddenly your phone lights up with a text message.

Much to your immense shock, it's the ghost boy, back from the dead. 

This new dating phenomenon is called the zombie, and he's even more annoying than the ghost. 


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With this move, he has officially elevated himself from ghosting to being a zombie.

For all you knew, he could have been dead, but here he is, risen and walking among us. 

Attempting to resurrect a dead correspondence, especially after ghosting someone, is rarely going to go down well.

This is especially true if the zombie doesn't even acknowledge the passage of time that has occurred between the most recent message and the last one, and take some responsibility for it. 

Whether it's a straight up text message or the more subtle mind f*** of an Instagram like or comment, being a victim of the zombie really isn't nice, and can leave you wondering, "what does it all mean?"

The best thing to remember in these cases is that ghosting is seriously unkind treatment, no one deserves to be ignored by someone they care about. 

It's your choice whether or not you give the zombie another chance, but don't be surprised if they venture back into Casper territory and disappear again. 



Zombies are EVERYWHERE: they're on TV shows and the news; in movies and our nightmares.  

And according to new research, if a zombie virus was to become a reality it would only take 100 DAYS for it to spread all over the world…

Yes, scientists have actually developed a complicated formula that – like the movie 28 Days Later – shows how just 100 people would be left by day 100 of an outbreak.

And after six months, the world as we know it would be gone. Finito. Taken over by things that have no doubt made Hollywood MILLIONS. 

But, surely the survival instinct would kick in? And just like Rick Grimes and co, we would fight until the end, right?

In fact, it's thanks to shows like The Walking Dead, that we actually are slightly prepared for a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.   

1. Remember, only shooting them in the head will destroy them 

2. Never go off on your own

3. Stay out of the woods, especially at night

4. ARM yourself: guns, crossbows and maybe a samurai sword or two will do

5. A first aid kit WON'T help if you're bitten

6. Never leave a door or window unlocked 

7. Form a gang of survivors (but only the strongest will do) – anyone going solo is gonzo

8. Don't get too close – even if you think they are dead…

9. ALWAYS make sure there is petrol in the car

10. Grab supplies – but DON'T go into a supermarket at night

11. Head for the hills – Carrauntoohil will do

12. Find yourself a good 4X4

13. RUN




The cast for the upcoming rom-zom-com Pride, Prejudice and Zombies has finally been announced, and involves some of the biggest up and coming stars this side of the atlantic.

The film, based on the best selling book by Seth Grahame-Smith, is a comedic twist on the original 19th century novel where the country dances and witty wordplay is interrupted by a zombie attack.

Playing the now action-hero Elizabeth Bennett is Lily James, best known as Lady Rose in Downton Abbey.

Playing opposite her will be Maleficent’s Sam Reilly as Mr Darcy and Australian actress Bella Heathcote as Elizabeth’s sister, Jane.

The film adaptation has been slow to get off the ground, with Natalie Portman, Lily Collins and Emma Stone involved at various points.

Natalie will not be acting in the movie, but is still attached to the project as a producer.