Who wants to hear these firemen parody KOL’s Sex on Fire for Xmas?

At this stage, we all know that Caleb Followill is far from complimentary about the track which catapulted Kings of Leon into superstardom, but if anyone is a fan of Sex On Fire, it's the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew.

Or, more specifically,  the South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue crew and comedy band Everly Pregnant Brothers.

In a move which they hoped would help alert the public to the dangers of domestic fires, the two groups decided to team up and release a parody of the 2008 hit, dubbing it Chip Pan.

Commenting on the tribute, assistant chief fire officer, Martin Blunden said: “This record is clearly a bit of festive fun, but with chip pans still responsible for large numbers of house fires every year, we think there’s a safety message in there somewhere.”

"We also want to remind people that tens of thousands of firefighters and 999 operators – not to mention many more of their colleagues in the emergency services – will be on duty this Christmas keeping people safe."

The lads behind the parody are keen to remind the public that every penny made from the track will go towards supporting the older and homeless in society.

Prepare yourselves for this one, ladies.