Miley fears for her life after crazed fan says he’s coming for her


Miley Cyrus has been left terrified after an obsessed fan was arrested outside her home.

The Wrecking Ball singer has been granted a temporary restraining order against the man – who thinks Miley is communicating with him through her songs.

An LA judge granted Miley the stay-away order against 24-year-old Devon Meek, after he was arrested by police outside her house, as he tried to get close to the singer.

According to court documents, “Meek, who we are informed and believe suffers from delusions about Ms. Cyrus, believes that the singer/actress/celebrity Ms. Cyrus communicates with him through her songs and is telling him to come to see her so that they may be together.”

The man is currently in a psychiatric hospital but has reportedly said he will keep trying to get to Miley once he is released.

A detective wrote in a statement that Meek told officers they should shoot him in the head if he could not meet the pop star.