11 signs you need to cool it with your boyfriend


So, you’re totally in love and all that but if most of these seem familiar, you could also be obsessed with your other half. Take some time to think about why they are so lucky to have you, and not the other way around!

1. You text him all the time
He’s just left your house but anything could have happened between here and his house. You need to know.


2. You check to see how longs it’s been since you text him and he didn’t text back
He was texting back in 3 minutes and now he just stopped?? it’s been 35 minutes… “Who is she?!”


3. You stalk his Facebook
You regularly check his Facebook, if he puts up a status, you wanna know what girls liked it.. And how dare that girl like his photo about getting top marks in his exams! #whoisshe #newpersontostalk


4. You automatically hate any girl he’s previously dated, texted, kissed, talked to….
So they dated when he was 16, of course you’re going to hate her! And that super hot girl he once kissed at a disco, total bitch, she’s so fake, all make-up! I mean… right?”


5.You keep an eye on their friends
You know your man’s with them and they be like “any house parties?” I’ll give you house party!!


6. You constantly check their snapchat best friends
#relationshipkiller, you’re first..mickybob99 is second and sorry sarah who????


7. You have gained an acquired set of skills from watching criminal minds
Detective? Who needs a detective when you’ve got a friend, who knows a friend, who knows that bitch texting your man..


8. You know where they are all the time
“Oh hey I just said I’d face time you to see what you’re up to” I don’t recognise that white wall in the background!! Where are you!!

Every Step

 9. You have their password to EVERYTHING
Their phone password, Facebook password, Instagram password, Twitter password, even their e-mail password.


10.You smother him
You want to be with him ALL the time. You want to do everything he does, you don’t want miss out on anything. Be your own person, give him space, you will appreciate each other more the less you’re together.


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