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Unless I'm totally ignorant to the world, very few people are morning people.

And if they are, they're probably also the kind of people who do laundry before they run out, answer every email as it arrives and never eats cereal for dinner.


Cosmo recently published an article titled 12 Things Morning People Do Every Day, and while we can all aspire to be like these remarkable beings someday, the rules set in place for being a 'morning person' are total notions. And here's why…

They say: Set only one alarm

We say: Setting only one alarm in the morning is a disaster waiting to happen. If you don't have a strong will to get out of your warm bed, you'll no doubt fall back asleep with nothing else to wake you.

Cue an awkward conversation with your boss as to why you're an hour late…

Black and White Alarm Clock at 2:34

They say: And set the alarm 15 minutes earlier than you think you need to

We say: Noooo! Get all the sleep you possibly can. The writer of the article states, "Those extra 15 minutes of sleep aren't going to make a difference in the rest of your day, anyway."

Those extra 15 minutes make ALL the difference and are the key to us being acceptable human beings for the entire day.

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They say: Skip the quality time with your phone

We say: Yes, in an ideal world we would rid ourselves of all technology an hour before we go to bed.

But, that never happens, does it? Those Instagram Stories aren't going to watch themselves, you know.

android phone, app, blur

They say: Eat your breakfast sitting down

We say: Again, in an ideal world we would have our kitchen table set up with a delish breakfast and read the morning paper while munching on granola.

But, we savour our sleep and those extra 15 minutes that were mentioned above means we need to have a speedy breakfast. And that does not happen while sitting down.

Red Strawberry and Raspberry on White Ceramic Bowl

They say: Make your dang bed

We say: This is the point in the article that made us LOL. Between getting ourselves ready, eating breakfast sitting down and neatly making our beds, we'd have to be awake about two hours earlier than usual.

Plus, doesn't a neat bed mean bed bugs? Now, nobody has time for that.

Image result for not gonna happen gif

They say: Actually get up to exercise

We say: We have to admit that we see early morning gym bunnies on our way into the office, and fair play to them. We wish we could do it.

But, if we have to get a bus, a Luas or spend more than an hour in traffic trying to get to work, the most exercise we'll be doing is giving side eye to the person eating cheese and onion crisps on the 6.15am bus.

Image result for side eye gif

They say: Go. To. Bed. On. Time.

We say: *uncontrollable laughter* Because… we all know that's not going to happen, right?



Some of us are just not morning people. While many are happy to jump out of bed and attack the day as soon as the dawn breaks, more of us would rather just snooze until the last possible minute.

If you are someone who faces the daily struggle of being a functioning member of society before midday, then we found some interesting facts for you. If you thought that you were doomed to the constant rush of having slept through your alarm you were wrong.

It might have something to do with the items hanging around your home, not your lack of passion for early morning commutes after all.

Your snacks:

Foods loaded with simple carbs and sugar with cause blood sugar levels to spike and drop which will contribute to you feeling more tired over time.

Is your house chilly?

Some studies found that optimum temperatures for sleep are actually pretty cool. So if you keep your home colder than most, you could find yourself tempted to crawl back under the duvet for warmth and a nap.

To the windooooooow:

A study on office workers found that those who were exposed to more natural light during the day would sleep on average 46 minutes more per night. Those who were not slept less and felt less rested during the day.

Scented candles:

Yes these are very relaxing and lovely, but they can also make you feel sleepy during the day. A study found that people who sniffed lavender before going to bed slept more soundly then those who didn’t. So maybe ditch the candles during the day.

Your clutter:

A study found that people who spent time in a messy or disorganised environment would spend mental energy on stress, which made them feel more tired. So it might be time to clear off that chair we all have sitting somewhere in our room.



Some people have the ability to hop out of bed in the morning and take on the world with an energy other people can't muster. You try to wake up earlier, make the most of your day but it's just so comfy in there. Here are the signs you probably most definitely are not a morning person: 

1. You keep dozing off
You actually try to stay awake, but your mind starts to wander and sooner or later you start to doze off. It’s a never ending cycle of dozing off and waking back up. It can be embarrassing though if someone else has to wake you back up.


2. You set numerous alarms, all within 5 mins of each other
You used to just use the snooze button, but you have decided to set numerous alarms in an effort to try and get as much sleep as you can. It gives you numerous chances to actually get up, but you know you will end up just waiting until the last one goes off.

3. When you eventually wake up, you fall straight back to sleep
You say to yourself “I’ll just close my eyes for a bit”, next thing you know it’s been half and hour and you wake up completely disorientated. You swear that next time you won’t go back to sleep, but it’s become a weekly routine.

4. You have to rush to get ready and end up missing your bus
You have 5 mins to get dressed , have breakfast and do your hair. Challenge accepted. Of course you get nowhere near being ready and you end up looking like a mess. Worst of all, you see your bus pulling away just as you get to the bus stop.

5. If you wake up earlier than expected, you just lay awake, waiting
If you’re unceremoniously woken up by outside noises or the rest of the people in your house getting up, it’s hard to get back to sleep. You just lay there waiting till it’s time to get up because your whole routine is broken.

6. It usually takes another family member to finally get you up
You keep going back to sleep, so it takes one of your family member’s to actually get you out of bed. You do everything to stop them from getting out of bed, but the threat of getting water poured on you finally gets you up.

7. You don’t have breakfast, you just have coffee
You might have some fruit or a cereal bar, but the main part of your breakfast is actually coffee. You don’t know how you could survive without coffee, and you’re always seen with a cup in your hands.

8. Having lunch is the highlight of your day
If you somehow manage to survive until lunch time, you are overjoyed with the thought of lunch. It is the only thing that keeps you going throughout the day and once you finally get lunch you feel ten times better.

9. You completely regret staying up till 5am binging on Netflix
You just couldn’t stop once you got going and now you are really making up for it.You wake up seeing visions of Kevin Spacey with one of his speeches from House Of Cards still ringing in your ear. This is a regular occurrence and next time you probably won’t end up going to sleep at all.

10. You try to avoid having conversations at all costs
You hope you don’t bump into someone you know, but if you do, you don’t say much, you just nod and pretend you’re listening. If you do end up saying anything, it just sounds like gibberish and it makes no sense.

11. Your brain doesn’t function properly that early in the morning
Nothing seems to work, your brain doesn’t process things well and if someone asks you to work out something your brain just completely shuts down.

12. You despise morning people
You can’t fathom how they have so much energy and zest this early in the day. You wish you could be that chirpy in the morning and, anytime they greet when you come in, you find it hard to crack a smile.

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