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Designer wardrobes, amazing cars and champagne-fuelled parties. These stars have come a long way from their humble reality TV beginnings, but just how do they afford the A-list lifestyle?

As part of its annual Reality TV's Richest list, The Sun has tallied up what many of the world's most well-known stars are worth – starting with a few you most definitely recognise from your hungover Sunday TV viewing.

Read on, and prepare to feel all the life envy.

Charlotte Crosby – €1.4million

It's been a very successful year indeed for Ms. Crosby, who has seen her worth soar since launching her own fitness DVD off the back of her extreme weight loss. Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz twice outsold Disney's Frozen in UK DVD sales when it was released late last year.

Add that to a €100k book deal for her autobiography Me Me Me, plus a €70k appearance fee for Ex On The Beach, and you've got a tidy sum building up in Charlotte's bank account. The Geordie Shore star has also appeared on The Xtra Factor, Britain’s Got More Talent, Celebrity Juice, This Morning and The Wright Stuff among other things.


Vicky Pattison – €2.3million

She might count Charlotte among her biggest rivals, but Vicky is definitely taking the lead in the money stakes. As well as a six-figure deal for her own clothing range with style site Honeyz.com, Vicky took home a reported €700k for a three-book deal with the Little Brown Book Group.

The Geordie Shore star has published an autobiography, Nothing But The Truth, plus two fictional novels, All That Glitters and A Christmas Kiss. Like Charlotte, she earned around €70k for her work on Ex On The Beach, and got close to €500,000 for her MTV show, Judge Geordie.


Millie Mackintosh – €4.2million

One half of Britain's most on-trend power couple, Millie wed rapper Professor Green in 2013. Like other entrants, she has raked in quite a bif of cash from her book deal – the Made In Chelsea star's lifestyle and fitness book Made saw her take home around €175k.

She also has her own self-named fashion line which sells via her personal site and on ASOS.com – and according to The Sun it's turning over in excess of €1.5m per year. The stunning blonde is the face of Nib & Fab beauty products and J20 fruit drinks, as well as having worked on campaigns for Pimm’s, St Tropez, Sure, Lipsy and Claire’s.


Gemma Collins – €4.6million

She might not be the most reliable of celebs – who can forget her dramatic exit from I'm A Celebrity... last year, after all – but Gemma certainly knows how to negotiate. Critics laughed when she decided to set up her own plus-size clothing range, but it's now sold via Littlewoods, Evans and her own personal site and generates around €1.7m a year for Emma.

Aside from her ill-fated time on I'm A Celebrity, Gemma also does regular work on This Morning.


Sam Faiers – €6.4million

Expectant mum Sam certainly won't be struggling to kit out her newborn in all the best designer clothes. As well as (you've guessed it) a book deal, Sam also rakes in a huge amount of cash from her various fashion ventures.

Among them is the Essex boutique she launched with her sister Billie, Minnie's Boutique, thought to be earning Sam close to €1.4m in online and in-store sales annually. The TOWIE alum has her own clothes deal with Very too, worth a reported €400,000.


Mark Wright – €7.4million

When your wedding alone earns you over €2million with Hello! you know you're doing well.

Mark's €400k DJing deal with Club Classics helps to play the bills, plus he also pulls in over €10k per club appearance – handy money for a night out. The reality star has recently signed a six-figure deal with Danone, too.


Most folk seem to tackle their jet-lag via a mixture of lots of sleep, lots of coffee and lots of food – both taken at irregular intervals. 

Not so for celebrities, however. Indeed, the likes of heiress Millie Mackintosh tackles pesky jet-lag by SLAYING it in the gym.

Yes, the 26-year-old reality TV star this afternoon posted a short video to her Instagram account, which shows her in the midst of a SERIOUS workout. 

Having just returned from a weekend spent at the Melbourne Cup in Australia (as you do) Millie was evidently eager to get back into the swing of things today.

Also using the hashtag #trainlikeanangel, the wife of rapper Professor Green declared: "That is how you shake off jet lag @russellsbc style."

Russell Bateman is, of course, the hardcore trainer also responsible for the bodies of the likes of Laura Whitmore and Suki Waterhouse.


And that is how you shake off jet lag @russellsbc style #trainlikeanangel

A video posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

The clip has already notched up some 3,000 likes from her fans – with many also commenting on Ms Mackintosh's killer bod.

"I have those leggings… and I definitely don't look like that in them!!" laughed one.

"Jesus I'm tired just looking at that," said another, with a third offering: "Professor Green wins at punching above his weight."


Just recently Professor Green admitted that he and his wife of two years Millie MackIntosh attended couples therapy in a bid to save their marriage.

The couple tied the knot in a very lavish ceremony at Babington House in Somerset in 2013. As today marks their second wedding anniversary both the stars have taken to their respective Instagram pages to mark the occasion.

26-year old former Made In Chelsea star Millie started things off with a very cute flashback photo from their wedding day. Her 31-year old rapper husband (real name Stephen Manderson) is seen with his arm around her as the pair shared a sweet moment together.

Millie captioned the image with a heartfelt message writing: “’With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come’ happy 2 year anniversary.”

Professor Green meanwhile opted for a black and white snap of the pair on the same day sharing a kiss and writing “2 years today.”

The duo’s displays of affection over social media come after a summer of being plagues by rumours of heated rows and a possible split. On Wednesday it was revealed that the pair sought professional help to get through some of their toughest times.

He admitted that at one time they were “at each other’s throats” while on a detox vacation in Jamaica.

The pair managed to relax and work things out before the trip was ruined and of late things are better than ever.

"We're f***ing good, man. We go out for dinner, we drink nice wine, we have good chat and enjoy each other's company.”


Millie Mackintosh and her husband Professor Green were rumoured to be going through some marriage issues lately, but the Made In Chelsea star just made it very clear they are as solid as ever.

Earlier this month the English beauty was reportedly heard shouting "I want a divorce… give me a divorce" at Prof Green (aka Stephen Manderson) outside a nightclub in Turkey, leading many to speculate that the couple were headed for marriage breakdown. Since then Millie has been making every effort on social media to prove that's not the case, most notably with today's cheeky Instagram update.

Posting a photo of her husband cuddled up topless in bed as he played with the couple's adorable dog, Millie wrote, "I know where I'm going to be all day." Not leaving much to the imagination there, anyway…

Millie and her rapper husband are currently enjoying a mini-break at the five-star Limewood Hotel in Hampshire, England, with the reality star posting some enviable photos of their visit:


Just trying to blend in with the trees @Limewoodhotel

A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

As for Stephen, he got a little sneaky on Instagram himself lately when he almost convinced the world that Millie was pregnant with the couple's first child.

Posting a photo with the caption, "We have an announcement to make…" the English musician later revealed that Millie's 'baby' was in fact the result of a big dinner.


We have an announcement to make…

A photo posted by Stephen Manderson (@professorgreen) on

The couple definitely seem to be doing their best to present a united front after this month's nasty rumours, and long may it last.


Is Millie Mackintosh really with child?

Well, that’s certainly what her rapper husband wants their fans to think!

Last night, Professor Green posted a very misleading photo of his 24-year-old wife cradling a bump in her belly and captioned it, “We have an announcement to make…”

The 31-year-old followed up with another post captioned “Millie is pregnant… With a food baby.”


We have an announcement to make…

A photo posted by Stephen Manderson (@professorgreen) on

Naaaw! We were seriously hoping that the former Made in Chelsea star was actually pregnant.

And apparently we weren’t the only ones with fans posting congratulatory posts before they realised it was a hoax.

One fan wrote “Beautiful news. Sending love. Xx” while another said “I read the first bit and almost had a heart attack omg.”

At least it’s good to see the couple getting on. It was only last week that reports circulated that their marriage may have been in trouble after Ms Mackintosh was heard shouting that she wanted a divorce outside of a star-studded Turkish nightclub. 



A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

But with their funny banter and adorable Instagram posts, it seems like there’s no trouble in paradise (or baby) for this pair. 


In a week that saw her announce the arrival of Cocoa Brown into Australia, cosmetics entrepreneur Marissa Carter has exclusively shared yet more exciting news with SHEmazing!

“We’re landing in 400 stores in Sweden,” she reveals. “Cocoa Brown tan from next week will be hitting Coop, which is one of the largest retails there.”

Incredibly, the announcement represents the fourth international expansion for Cocoa Brown: the Irish brand is already available in the US and UK, as well as Australia. Celebrity fans include Rosanna Davison, Millie Mackintosh, and Vogue Williams.

Still, Marissa explains that she made the Swedish distributor work hard before signing a deal with him.

“A young Swedish guy set up his distribution company two years ago and he’s been fighting and fighting with me for Cocoa Brown exclusivity for ages.

“I kept fobbing him off, but he kept at it. Eventually I told him bluntly: ‘Look, I only do business with people I trust, so before we sign anything I’ll have to meet you. But I’m also nine months pregnant, so if you want to make this happen, you’re going to have to come to me. And I’ll probably only have an hour to spare as my schedule is pretty hectic right now.’

“I’m sure he thought I was a right so-and-so, but he jumped on a plane to Dublin regardless. We met for an hour at the Hilton hotel by the Grand Canal and by the end he had persuaded me that this was a good deal to make.”

The 31-year-old, who lives with her husband, toddler son, newborn baby daughter, and pet dog in south county Dublin, also explains that the response to Cocoa Brown’s launch in Australia earlier this week has been incredible. “There are so many expats over there, so there’s been a warm welcome, certainly.

“One young woman sent me a Tweet telling me that she’s delighted – last time she was at home in Ireland she had to drag ten bottles of Cocoa Brown back to Australia with her!”

She’s hoping to launch there properly in September, and says she’ll make a holiday out of the trip too. “My husband, Ronan, has family in Australia, and I have two uncles and cousins there, so we’ll combine work with a little break.”

In the meantime, Ms Carter, who only gave birth to her daughter Isabelle last month, says she fully intends on stepping away from the business for a few months.

“Everyone thinks I’m back at the desk but I’m not – I’m definitely taking maternity leave. 

"I’ve worked really, really hard over the last two years so I won’t be rushing back.”

Until then, Marissa’s looking forward to embracing her heels again. “It’s been an age since I’ve worn heels – but just today I put on a pair again. I’m definitely back in that sense!”



Millie Mackintosh's Instagram followers are not happy with her latest post!

The Made In Chelsea star is a prolific Instagram poster and often shares images of her clean-eating, healthy-living lifestyle. But she aimed to delve a bit deeper today and the results were less than positive.

Millie shared an image from a recent Grazia interview in which she discusses her own idea of what it is to be successful. After declaring she wanted spaghetti or caviar as her final meal on earth, Millie went on to say that her vision of success was "opening my wardrobe and having an item of clothing that I want to wear with my name on it."


#quotes @grazia_live @moorizzla #MillieSS15

A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

The 24-year-old launched her first clothing line, Millie Mackintosh, last autumn and the SS15 collection has just been unveiled.

While everyone's idea of success is relative, Millie's followers did not take kindly to her post and were quick to criticise. "The height of superficiality," wrote one, with another calling Millie a "f***ing snob."


This isn't the first time one of Millie's posts have sparked a negative reaction. Although the reality star is open on social media about how hard she works to maintain a healthy lifestyle, a picture of Millie posing in a corset backstage at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show also led to some serious backlash about the model promoting an unhealthy body image.

We know Millie meant well with today's post, but you can't win them all!



Yesterday, rumours were rampant that former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh may be expecting her first child.

The speculation came about after Laura Whitmore posted an Instagram snap of Millie with what looked like a small bump.


Well this isn't going to do anything but fuel rumours @camillamackintosh

A photo posted by Stephen Manderson (@professorgreen) on

Jeez – can't a girl have a Sunday food baby in peace anymore?! 

While the couple are not making any announcement as of yet, Professor Green did take to Twitter to talk about the rumours.

The pregnancy rumours came about the same day as an article in a UK newspaper accused the reality TV star of promoting an unhealthy body image, something Professor Green took great offence with, defending his wife, he tweeted: “The internet is a funny place… The Mrs is has been called pro-anorexia and pregnant in one day. What a pile of.”

He later tweeted about Laura Whitmore’s snap, saying: “Well this isn’t going to do anything but fuel rumours @millsmackintosh.”

Though Millie didn’t directly comment on either story herself, she did retweet both of her husband’s tweets.  



Could a baby be on the way for Made In Chelsea's Millie Mackintosh?

The reality star was out for a brunch organised by Skinny Bitch Collective when MTV presenter Laura Whitmore posted a very telling photo which soon had fans talking. Posing with pals Zara Martin, Rosie Tapner and Danielle Copperman, a slight bump was clearly visible under Millie's grey cotton top (front left):

Now, we've all been victim to that "sitting closest to the camera therefore I look like a giant" affliction once or twice, so we're willing to concede it could simply be a matter of perspective, but there's no denying Millie's belly looks a little fuller than usual!

Commenters on Instagram pointed out the difference, with one writing, "@camillamackintosh is preggers for sure! Exciting" and another saying, "Oh my…Millie congrats."

Others were quick to note that Millie might simply have had a big breakfast, with comments like "Jeez… Maybe she just ate too much porridge!"

Even if Millie is pregnant, it's unlikely we'll be getting an official announcement, as the star has spoken before about her wish to keep her personal life private. When asked if she and husband Stephen Manderson had any plans to start a family, Mille recently told OK! magazine, "We're probably not going to be announcing it when we are [pregnant] anyway. It's a personal thing."

She also slammed pregnancy rumours before Christmas, telling Hello! magazine "I’m not buying baby stuff yet. I’m buying nice furniture so that our friends can come and stay and pass out after a dinner party. That’s where my head’s at at the moment. But Stephen will be such a hot dad. There’s nothing sexier than seeing a man with a baby.”

We can't wait to find out if the rumours are true!



Many of Millie Mackinstosh’s followers have been blasted after they mocked a photo she shared on Instagram yesterday.

The former Made In Chelsea star is currently soaking up the sun in Marrakech and posted a photo of herself sunbathing by a beautiful pool. Jealous, us? Most definitely!

However, it wasn’t the scenery that was picked up on by Millie’s followers, but blonde hairs that could be seen on her thigh reflecting the light. Sigh.


Wearing @mariannagswimwear #sausageselfie #harddayattheoffice

A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

Comments asking Millie why she had failed to shave the top of her legs and branding her ‘hairy’ bombarded the photo – much to Millie’s disappointment we’re sure.

Thankfully, the good eventually outweighed the bad and many more came forward blasting the haters for their hurtful comments and Millie herself even retweeted a comment that read: “It’s laughable that people feel the need to comment on @millsmackintosh’s Instagram about her ‘hairy legs’ what happened to female empowerment?”

We’re very happy that Millie has obviously not let those few comments bring her down and that many more showed their support.

If only they could see our legs, never mind Millie’s – they’d have heart attacks altogether! 



It sounds like Millie Mackintosh may have some rather exciting news to share quite soon…

The designer and reality TV has revealed that she and husband, Professor Green, already have baby names picked out, saying: “We’ve got names in mind. I won’t say them but they are old family names. Traditional but unusual. There won’t be any fruit and veg names, though.”

Professor Green had spoken previously about their desire to have children, but until now Millie, whose real name is Camilla, has kept quiet on the subject.

Millie continued on to say that she would like “one or two of each [boys and girls] and that she has a very nurturing side: “I always like looking after people, caring for people, and cooking for people. I enjoy the nurturing kind of stuff. I love being around all my friend’s babies and like to dress them in little outfits.”

Hmm, it sounds like Millie and Professor Green are very serious starting a family and we wouldn’t be surprised to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet verrry soon indeed!



So somebody gave Millie Mackintosh a makeover and it’s making us want to run away screaming.

No, seriously, look what they did!



#TWDNOWTV Had a lot of fun with NOW TV getting transformed into a walker to celebrate the launch of #TheWalkingDead Season 5! What do you think?

View on Instagram

Millie, former star of the hit reality TV show, Made in Chelsea, was made over into a zombie for the launch of The Walking Dead’s fifth season.

The star shared a before and (terrifying) after and captioned: “Had a lot of fun with NOW TV getting transformed into a walker to celebrate the launch of #TheWalkingDead Season 5! What do you think?”

We never thought we’d say this, Millie, but even the fringe was better than this – eek!

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