Star couple take to Twitter to talk pregnancy speculation


Yesterday, rumours were rampant that former Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh may be expecting her first child.

The speculation came about after Laura Whitmore posted an Instagram snap of Millie with what looked like a small bump.


Well this isn't going to do anything but fuel rumours @camillamackintosh

A photo posted by Stephen Manderson (@professorgreen) on

Jeez – can't a girl have a Sunday food baby in peace anymore?! 

While the couple are not making any announcement as of yet, Professor Green did take to Twitter to talk about the rumours.

The pregnancy rumours came about the same day as an article in a UK newspaper accused the reality TV star of promoting an unhealthy body image, something Professor Green took great offence with, defending his wife, he tweeted: “The internet is a funny place… The Mrs is has been called pro-anorexia and pregnant in one day. What a pile of.”

He later tweeted about Laura Whitmore’s snap, saying: “Well this isn’t going to do anything but fuel rumours @millsmackintosh.”

Though Millie didn’t directly comment on either story herself, she did retweet both of her husband’s tweets.