Millie Mackintosh is mocked after she posts Instagram snap


Many of Millie Mackinstosh’s followers have been blasted after they mocked a photo she shared on Instagram yesterday.

The former Made In Chelsea star is currently soaking up the sun in Marrakech and posted a photo of herself sunbathing by a beautiful pool. Jealous, us? Most definitely!

However, it wasn’t the scenery that was picked up on by Millie’s followers, but blonde hairs that could be seen on her thigh reflecting the light. Sigh.


Wearing @mariannagswimwear #sausageselfie #harddayattheoffice

A photo posted by Millie Mackintosh (@camillamackintosh) on

Comments asking Millie why she had failed to shave the top of her legs and branding her ‘hairy’ bombarded the photo – much to Millie’s disappointment we’re sure.

Thankfully, the good eventually outweighed the bad and many more came forward blasting the haters for their hurtful comments and Millie herself even retweeted a comment that read: “It’s laughable that people feel the need to comment on @millsmackintosh’s Instagram about her ‘hairy legs’ what happened to female empowerment?”

We’re very happy that Millie has obviously not let those few comments bring her down and that many more showed their support.

If only they could see our legs, never mind Millie’s – they’d have heart attacks altogether!