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Steve Harvey had the most awkward and embarrassing time EVER when he announced the wrong winner of Miss Universe on Sunday. 

And since then, social media has been ravished with memes and gifs slagging poor Steve.

But Justin Bieber – who is no stranger to slipping up in front of the camera, we might add – decided to hop on the bandwagon and post a gas meme. 

Some genius photoshopped a picture of Mr Harvey onto Justin's Sorry single artwork and added, "Is it too late now to say sorry?" to the picture.

And when the Biebs saw it, he couldn't help but share it immediately.

He did show love to Steve though, writing in his caption, "It's so sad but this is too funny had to post no disrespect."


There are hundreds of thousands of memes in existence and you can’t deny that you’ve laughed at most of them.

However, now people are asking what happens to the people behind the viral photo?

We’ve seen the success kid make a resurgence, and all is well with him. For some people however, that is not the case.

One 20-year old student has spoken out after her photo went viral, for all the wrong reasons.

You have probably seen it, and if you a Twitter account then there’s no doubt you have come across it because it has been featured on the social media site more than 125,000 times.


Ashely VanPevenage, from Washington, is friends with a makeup artist and when she was dealing with an allergic reaction she asked for help covering her blemishes:

“I was having this allergic reaction to benzoyl,” she told BuzzFeed. “I knew I needed help to cover my acne.”

When her friend uploaded the before and after pictures on Instagram, it was quickly copied. Initially the memes were more focused on the amazing make up.


Quickly though, it took a turn for the nasty and Ashley’s picture became associated with the viral meme “women you need to take swimming on the first date.”


This week, after months of being harassed online and having her appearance slammed by hundreds of thousands of social media users, Ashley uploaded a video that explained her experience.


She said “some days I will read through the comments just to see how cruel people can be.”

“My advice for people who may have to deal with this in the future is it doesn’t matter what people say about you or what they think about you,” she said.

“Everyone is beautiful inside and out.”


Ah the internet. It is such a wonderful place filled with hilarious cat videos, GIFs for any and all emotional states and of course celebrities sharing with us the ins and outs of their daily lives. 

The internet is also responsible for thrusting some of the most ridiculous phrases into our everyday conversations. We see it plastered all over Facebook and Instagram so therefore inserting words like 'fleek' and 'belfie' into actual sentences is a (somewhat) natural progression. 

Professors Respond To Millennial Slang And, Unfortunately, Are Not On Fleek

Close enough.

Most of the time we don't even know what it means. Where did 'bae' come from? Are we really on f

1. Turnt: Drunk/ready to party:


Michelle knows what all the cool kids are saying.


2. Bae: Before Anything Else


But breakfast does come before everything else!

3. AF: As f**k

Kris is happy AF would describe this instance.

4. FOMO:

Fear of missing out. Usually strikes when you're working late and everyone else is at the bar.

5. Belfie:

When your selfie is pretty much all about your booty.

6. Throw shade

The (not so) subtle act of talking about someone behind their back. 

7. Swerve

Apparently, this means the same thing as 'cool'.

8. Cray Cray

OK, this one we kind of guessed.

9. On point

The pinnacle of perfection, basically. 

10. On fleek

A combination of the words fly and sleek. Mostly applies to eyebrows.

Professors Respond To Millennial Slang And, Unfortunately, Are Not On Fleek

If you thought you were the only one confused by Internet slang, then you need to watch this:



If you’ve been using social media at all in the last several years then you’ve more than likely come across this particular face from time to time.

Inspiring the masses to create hundreds of thousands of creative and oh so witty memes this little guy is now all grown up.

Just two days ago a woman called Laney Griner came forward to take ownership of the original photograph. It went on to become known by many as #SuccessKid and he got us through everything from navigating dodgy first dates to not losing your phone on a night out.

Laney took to Twitter to let us know that she had snapped the photograph back in 2007.

One curious social media user asked the question will all wanted the answer to: “what does he look like today?”

Well, ask and you shall receive. Be warned though, we feel just a little older now. Not necessarily wiser, but older. 

We hate to do it but: #success

Thank you social media for bringing this to our attention. Hour of wondering what happed to this proud little guy and now we finally have an answer. 





They pair would have surely assumed that their conversation was innocuous enough.

Certainly, few would have predicted the international response to President Obama conversing in the outdoors with a seated Chancellor Merkel at the recent G7 summit.

However, on reflection, and with her arms wide open, Angela does indeed look like she's impersonating Julie Andrews in The Sound Of Music… or, indeed, is challenging Barack  to "come at me, bro".

The photo was taken at the Elmau castle in Kruen, near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in southern Germany – where the leaders of seven nations are discussing the likes of climate change, the global economy, and international security.

And while the resulting memes admittedly have little bearing on international matters of great importance, they are nevertheless rather hilarious.

Here are just a few of our favourites…







In case you missed it yesterday, poor Ariana Grande was wacked in the head by a wing during Tuesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London. 

The face she made as she ducked out of the way has now been made into many, many hilarious memes. 

Here is the original:

And here is our pick of the best way the internet chose to deal with Ariana's 'scared' face:

1. Ermahgerd, sealife!

2. We know how you feel, Ariana

3. Because NOBODY wants to see that, Drake and Nicki – especially Ariana

4. Ariana will always remember her last visit to Santa. Mostly because it was about two years ago. 

5. 'That's not Kim K? What the…'

6. Our reaction every time we watch The Lion King

7. A work of art

8.This is our personal favourite for all the right reasons

9. Ariana wouldn't be a good replacement for Miley, Robin soon realised

10. She's as scared of the One Directioners as we are



Ever wondered about how to define the perfect relationship?

You don’t have to go to all of that effort, apparently, because it’s been written down in an Internet meme that has gone viral.

Just check it out below – recognise any of these?

While we cannot deny that this meme is a pretty accurate reflection of our modern relationships, we can’t help but be a little disappointed by the lack of romance on the list!

From spending a whole lot of time glued to Facebook, to spending quality time together giving out about our best friends, some of these are just too familiar.

Indeed, maybe this meme is more of a wake-up call on dating in the 21st century than the definition of what we would call a “perfect” relationship!

What are your thoughts?



Football fans were having a bit of a laugh this week when this team photo made it look as though Ashley Cole hadn’t made any friends at AS Roma:

They were creating funny, innocent memes, such as this one:

But of course, Ashley decided to get in on the action himself and took it one step further by sharing THIS photo of his ex-wife and her new hubby:

Did you spot Ashley creeping around outside?

Ok – so we do think it's kind of great, but we wonder if Cheryl, or her husband, saw the funny side quite as much?! Obviously the football star isn’t too cut up about his ex-wife moving on with her life if he’s joking about it like this!



Nicki maybe delaying the release date of her album Anaconda but decided to cheer up her fans by sharing some hilarious internet memes.

Of course Minaj didn’t share any normal memes but instead posted images of her now-infamous album art cover.

Instead of letting the internet get to her, she embraced it, and shared some of the hilarious memes on her Instagram page.

Nicki explained to her fans that her album would be delayed till the end of the week: “My darlingz, I’ve pushed the release of Anaconda to next week, Monday 8/4. I promise you will understand why before the week is out. Loveeeeeeee uuuuuu.”

But we’re sure her fans are willing to forgive after these hilarious memes:



SHEmazing! TV is here to deliver your round-up of all the Showbiz News.

Today’s highlights include:

  • Are James Franco and Lana Del Rey an item?
  • The latest celebrity to post a bootiful belfie.
  • Jared Leto has sent the internet crazy!
  • Ellie Goulding involved in a catfight with fans.
  • Josh Duhamel just can’t get any cuter than this!

Niamh Geaney reports.