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Victoria Secret’s Angel


In case you missed it yesterday, poor Ariana Grande was wacked in the head by a wing during Tuesday night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in London. 

The face she made as she ducked out of the way has now been made into many, many hilarious memes. 

Here is the original:

And here is our pick of the best way the internet chose to deal with Ariana's 'scared' face:

1. Ermahgerd, sealife!

2. We know how you feel, Ariana

3. Because NOBODY wants to see that, Drake and Nicki – especially Ariana

4. Ariana will always remember her last visit to Santa. Mostly because it was about two years ago. 

5. 'That's not Kim K? What the…'

6. Our reaction every time we watch The Lion King

7. A work of art

8.This is our personal favourite for all the right reasons

9. Ariana wouldn't be a good replacement for Miley, Robin soon realised

10. She's as scared of the One Directioners as we are



Walking into a party with the same outfit as someone else can be a daunting, but what about having everyone online comparing you to another celeb pal who happened to wear the same frock?

Even though they all look SHEmazing, let’s have a nosy at which celebrities had to deal with that dreaded feeling- it happens to the best of us.

Mariah or Jennifer Aniston?


Rosie Huntington or Jennifer Hudson?


Charlize Theron or Kim K?


Victoria Secret’s Angel Miranda Kerr or Halle Berry?


And to spice things up…

Nicole Scherzinger, Nayra Rivera or Alesha Dixon?