McDonald’s are going VERY fancy with a new item and we don’t like it

Don't get us wrong, we LOVE McDonald's. Nothing cheers us up more than launching into a Big Mac and getting burger sauce all over our hangover clothes.

But recently the fast food chain has been making a lot of changes to its menu… And we're not sure we like the latest.

Every blogger and Instagrammer's fave sweet treat has made it into the restaurant – macarons.

Yep, the French fancy has been welcomed in South Korea and are available in chocolate, vanilla and caramel.

While we love our macarons, we're just wondering how fancy Maccy D's is going to get. Will we no longer be able to rock up in a hungover state and eat until our heart's content?

The pastries are only available overseas at the moment, but if all goes well they'll be making their way to our shores.