Goodbye cronuts! These are the NEW delicious baking mash-ups

We love sweet treats here in SHEmazing! HQ (just check our Instagram page for proof), so when we came across these new baking inventions, we had to share the delightfulness with you all.

Whether you want to try to bake these at home or just plan to eat them, here are five sweet trends to get your teeth into:

The Biskie

Part-biscuit, part-cake, it’s the buttercream filling of a Victoria sponge sandwiched between two chewy cookies.


The M'hencha

Crisp flaky pastry surrounds a deliciously moist frangipane, orange, cinnamon and date filling. They’re made to share, but we won’t judge if you don’t.


The Ice-cream Macaron

Part ice-cream sandwich, part fancy French macaron? We think all of our dreams have come true!


The Canelé

The canelé is a caramelised sponge filled with custard but the new version is infused with chilli-spiced ganache and lavender custard.


The Paris Brest

A traditional French wheel-shaped choux pastry with a praline cream centre has been given a make-over of a banana créme brulée filling. YUM!