So yeah, photos of genital-shaped lipsticks are now doing the rounds


They may have been a firm favourite with some people for quite a while now, but that doesn't mean any of us here at SHEmazing HQ gotten at all used to the existence of penis-shaped lipsticks.

Call us backward, but make-up products which boast their own intricate little veins (shudder), are not something we generally gravitate towards, you know?

And now for some reason, these particular lipsticks have been doing the rounds on social media lately, and while we're impressed by the attention to detail, we cannot imagine seeing one nestle amongst our own beloved compacts and highlighters.


Uhhhhhhhh I love this

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If, however, you're only dying to spice up the contents of your dressing table, these phallic-shaped cosmetics can be purchased through Etsy, and are available in a variety of shades and shimmers.

And while they're clearly a must-have if you're knee-deep in L-signs, blow-up dolls and penis straws, we personally draw the line at a daily application.