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Nick Grimshaw has certainly been making headlines since being announced as a judge on the forthcoming, newly revamped series of The X Factor.

And now it seems he will also be adding designer to his growing CV: it has emerged that Topman has enlisted the radio DJ's talents for a new capsule collection.

The 30-year-old, who is thus following in the footsteps of his supermodel BFF Kate Moss, let the exciting news slip on Instagram. 

Nick posted a picture of a black suede and fringed jacket with a tag attached that read: Nick Grimshaw X Topman. He also included the caption "coming soon".

This isn't the first time Nick has delved into the fashion world, as he is an official ambassador for London Collections: Men along with model David Gandy and musician Tinie Tempah.

Mr Grimshaw has certainly been busy recently; he was spotted in Ibiza just last week along with fellow X Factor judge Rita Ora, as well as Ms Moss. It is believed he was on the Spanish party island working with BBC Radio 1 as part of the Ibiza 2015 festival.

He and Rita have just finished filming the audition stages of the reality TV show singing contest, and evidently took the opportunity to have a spot of down-time in the sun. 

We can't wait to see the rest of his Topshop collection, and reckon Nick might even wear a few of the pieces himself once the X Factor live finals kick off. 


It seems like only days ago that reports were coming in that Kate Moss and her rocker husband of four years Jamie Hince were headed for divorce.

Rumours started to circulate that the pair were no longer living in wedded bliss when they hadn’t been seen together anywhere since April.

It doesn’t appear to have taken very long for Jamie to get over his relationship with Kate. The Sun reports that Jamie was spotted looking very cosy with Vistoria’s Secret model Jessica Stam.

The 46-year old guitarist with The Kills and the 29-year old model looked to getting very close after the band played a gig in Hollywood. The duo were spotted outside the club hugging and Jessica was definitely not shy about getting up close and personal with the rocker.

A source told the paper: ''Jamie was carefree and in great form. Jessica made straight for him and they appeared to be very close and friendly.” Jessica is a big fan of the band according to her Instagram account couldn't wait to see them play live.


#theKills came out to play last night: @marksquires

A photo posted by Jessica Stam (@jessicastamofficial) on

Apparently Jessica, who is 12 years Kate’s junior, was “very flirty” and “cuddly” with Jamie. The paper also says that: “One clubber said party-loving Jessica reminded them of Kate — except for the age difference.” Outside the club the pair were seen chatting and smoking together. 


A photo posted by Jessica Stam (@jessicastamofficial) on

The pair did leave the party together but it doesn’t look like there is much hope for Jamie and Kate reuniting anytime soon.  The source has claimed that:

''She made sure they got close before she went home at the end of the night. Kate will be devastated to see Jamie moving on with a younger version of herself.''

The pair do look quite similar and there is speculation that the marriage between Kate and Jamie had come under strain due to his close relationships with other women.

A friend of Jamie told the paper “she’s always been jealous about his female friends and he was sick of it.”

A source close to Jessica has denied the pair are a couple but she is “a big fan of The Kills and was enjoying hanging out with Jamie.”


Kate Moss and her husband of four years, Jamie Hince, are reportedly headed down the road to divorce.

The couple, who were married in 2011, have allegedly told friends that there is slim chance of reconciling their relationship.

Rumours that their marriage is on the rocks have been running rampant for a number of months, largely due to the fact that the couple haven’t been seen together since the beginning of April.

It especially became clear that there was trouble in paradise when the 46-year-old rocker was seen at Glastonbury last month without his supermodel wife. Kate is known to be seriously fond of the festival and rarely ever misses it.

Speaking to The Sun, an insider revealed that “They are properly over as a married couple. It’s gone past the point of no return.”

The source explained that “Jamie’s just waiting for Kate to move forward with divorce proceedings. Neither are in a hurry but both suspect there won’t be a reconciliation.”

The 41-year-old model met her husband in 2007, shortly after her tumultuous engagement to Pete Doherty ended. After their wedding in 2011, Kate told the German magazine Gala that she would like to have more kids in her future.

Ms Moss has one daughter, 12-year-old Lila Grace from her former relationship to Jefferson Hack. 


Oh the Kloss family. Did you know that the good genes were not just bestowed upon supermodel sister Karlie?

They weren’t. while Karlie is one of the models of the moment (and member of T-Swifty’s all-important lady squad) she might be facing some competition from her sister.

Kimberly Kloss made a red carpet debut with sis Karlie at the Paper Towns NYC premiere on Tuesday.

Wearing a white cut-out dress with seriously stylish strappy sandals the Diane Von Furstenberg intern cut quite the fashionable figure. Oh, and they’re not the only ones in the family, Kimberly has a twin sister Kariann, and they also have an older sister named Kristine.

Kariann (we’re reminded of another famous family with a passion for K-names) is more of a sports personality than a fashion guru. In 2012 Karlie told Vogue with pride “She's in the newspaper all the time!”

While you try and envision how lovely the Kloss family portraits are, we got to thinking about some other celebrities and their genetically blessed siblings. We think there might have been a few more than you anticipated.

Lottie Moss, Kate’s sister.

​Nickayla Rivera, the Glee star Naya's sister

​Claudine Farrell

​THEON? Actually no, Alfie Allen is Lily Allen’s brother.

Kate and Oliver Hudson

Sebastian Theroux shares his brother’s love of biker jackets




“Maybe a fashion designer, but definitely not a model” this was the moment that Kate Moss’ daughter let the world know she has no interest in following in her Mum’s footsteps and getting into modelling.

Lila-Grace is the only child of Kate Moss with ex-boyfriend Jefferson Hack and she took to Ask.fm to answer some questions about herself and her mum.

The 12-year-old gave a little insight into her life as the daughter of one of the world’s most famous supermodels, and she seems like any other girl her age.

According to her answers, she seems extremely down to earth saying that her mum is just as “embarrassing” as all other mums.

She said: "No, like every mum she's embarrassing and annoying but u love them rlly"

She explained how Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez used to be her idols, but it seems Harry Styles is the only one with a place in her heart now.

When speaking about losing respect for Miley Lila answered "Wanted to b her before she became ….. She was my EVEYTHING for like 5 years and then..," adding a sad face.

Kate’s daughter let the world know that modelling isn’t for her and were sure this is a question she gets asked a lot she said she would rather be “a fashion designer idrk but defo not a model (sic)."




Last week, Kate Moss made headlines when she was escorted from an EasyJet flight in London for being disruptive.

It initially all sounded frightfully rock 'n' roll… although it later transpired that it was the lack of sandwiches on board that had sparked her off. Poor Kate must have been ravenous – and hey, we're not going to judge because frankly there's rarely a time in our lives when we don't fancy a sambo.

In hindsight, and although the reaction was largely of the 'fair play to her' variety, we're sure the whole incident was still pretty embarrassing

Thankfully, close friend and billionaire-in-waiting Chloe Green has shed some light on the situation. 

Defending the 41-year old supermodel, also a family friend, according to Chloe the issue would have been a non-issue except that Kate is well, Kate Moss.

Speaking to The Mirror, the 23-year old former Made In Chelsea star revealed: "Had it been any other passenger it would've been a non-story… people need to remember that when you're a celebrity you're also a target."

Coming to her close friend’s defence the heiress added that it was simply a misunderstanding. Indeed, having travelled with Kate in the past, the Topshop heiress knows what's what.

"I've travelled with Kate a few times and although she can be quite loud and excitable, it's always in a playful way," she said.

Playful, eh? Well, Kate is said to have shouted: "It's f***ing all right for them to eat pasta when we're hungry." She also apparently called out the pilot for being a “basic bitch”.

Indeed, according to one fellow passenger: “She was sitting at the back with her friend and they were kicking off because the plane had run out of the sandwiches she wanted.”

The flight attendants became upset at her outbursts and the supermodel left the flight with a police escort. No arrests were made at the time, but officers were said to have spoken with the model and her friend at the gate.

This supposedly took place just days after the model and designer Marc Jacobs posted a video online where they are jokingly “calling all the basic bitches”. 

Note to self: don't get "excited" on a plane.



English Supermodel Kate Moss, was escorted from a flight by British Police following reports of her “disruptive” behaviour.

On landing in London, the catwalk star was met by police officers following her flight from Turkey.

Although she was escorted from the flight by officers, no complaints have been made and she avoided arrest.

A Bedfordshire Police spokesman said: "We were called to assist staff in escorting a passenger from a flight arriving into Luton airport this afternoon.

"The passenger had been reported as being disruptive on the flight."

"Officers attended and escorted the passenger from the plane. No formal complaints were made against her and she was not arrested."

An Easyjet spokeswoman confirmed that police met flight EZY-2232 from Bodrum to Luton "due to the behaviour of a passenger onboard".

Kate Moss was flying with the budget airline on Sunday afternoon, they are known for their cheap fairs even though she is worth an enormous €6.31m.

Kate is no stranger to the public eye but didn’t seem to be on her best behaviour while on board.

The model was in Bodrum, Turkey, to celebrate her close friend Sadie Frost’s 50th birthday.


After 20 years of fame, supermodel Kate Moss is still one the most beautiful and mysterious figures out there.

In a rare interview with photographer and friend, Nick Knight, Kate opens up about the iconic Calvin Klein Obsession ad campaign which skyrocketed her to fame at the young age of 17.

Behind the shoot was Kate’s then boyfriend, photographer Mario Sorentti. The 41-year-old model explains how Sorentti’s obsession with her was what lead to the couple splitting after a year of dating.

She discusses how he would constantly be taking photos of her, using her as his muse: “It was obsession; he was obsessed,” Moss tells Knight.

“I’d wake up in the morning and he would be taking pictures of me, I’d be like, “f**k off!”

Kate also discusses how supermodels such as Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington took her under their wing while she adjusted to a life of fame.

Unfortunately Kate’s speaking out doesn’t give too much away about her past relationship with Johnny Depp referring to it as, “whatever”.

However, Maureen Callahan, the author who wrote a biography on Kate in 2014, said that when the pair were a couple they “both had ravenous appetites for alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex”.

The couple dated from 1994 to 1997 and according to Callahan, Depp “broke her heart”.

Kate is now married to English guitarist Jamie Hince. It has also just been announced that she is to feature in a new Mango campaign alongside Cara Delevingne. 

You can watch the full interview with Mark Knight here. 




Kate Moss' little sister was left red-faced today after a drunken tweet which she posted in the early hours of yesterday morning caused some serious offence.

The 17-year-old was out for the night when she sent the "ill thought-out" tweet, which included the N-word.

A drunken Lottie began by tweeting "I want a monkey", following it up with "When a rich n***a want ya and ur girl can't do nothing for ya."

Cringe. Although the line was in fact a lyric from Chris Brown's song Loyal, many of Lottie's followers took offence at her use of the controversial word. 

The model took to Twitter again that morning, saying it had been a "successful night" as she had thrown a drink in her ex's face:

However she obviously realised the error of her ways today, deleting the Chris Brown lyric and posting an apologetic tweet to her 7,000 followers:

Lottie's rep also made an official apology for the model, saying, "'Lottie unfortunately made an ill-thought out use of a song lyric, and she is hugely apologetic if any offence has been caused."

This is not the first time Kate's little sister has gotten controversial on Twitter –  last year she took to the social media site to tell the world how much she hated chavs, writing, "I hate chavs, I hate everything about them, I hate their loud voices and the words 'init', 'phat', 'fam', etc."

Sounds like someone needs to learn when to keep their mouth shut (or their phone switched off)!



Kate Moss has raised a lot of eyebrows today after she stepped out in a Halloween costume inspired by Cara Delevingne over the weekend.

Kate stepped out in a very Cara-like outfit complete with the questionable choice of putting some white powder on her nose – mocking that time Cara accidentally dropped a bag with white substance in it in front of the paparazzi.

The 40-year-old model was joined by Nick Grimshaw who was dressed as Rita Ora, and her husband Jamie Hince who was dressed up as Rita’s boyfriend, Ricky Hilfiger.


Out with my hubby and my wifey @caradelevingne

A photo posted by nicholasgrimshaw (@nicholasgrimshaw) on

While the models are very good friends and Cara would surely take this in her stride, we can’t help but feel Kate may have gone a bit too far.

 After all, doesn’t she remember what it was like to have her past mistakes put all over the media?!

We’re sure that was an incident Cara would rather forget as it led to a lot of speculation in the weeks after regarding her health and career.

Kate herself had three fashion campaigns drop her following allegations of drug use so this seems a very odd Halloween costume to choose!



Wow. Lottie Moss really, really hates “chavs”.

The model – younger half-sister of the iconic Kate – is known for her unashamedly opinionated tweets, and just couldn’t resist letting her feelings on the grammar skills of some of her social media followers known.

Taking to Twitter, the 16-year-old ranted: “When chavs put status’ I honestly don’t understand half of what they’ve put…The grammar and spelling is shocking.”

There you have it folks. Be sure to have your spellcheck turned on the next time you want to broadcast to Twitter – Lottie could be watching!

Of course, the model’s latest tweets shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Lottie has previously made her feelings towards chavs well-known, once declaring: “I hate chavs, I hate everything about them, I hate their loud voices and the words ‘init’, ‘phat’, ‘fam’, etc.”

So just to confirm, the chav life is not for Lottie.

Lottie has an ever-growing and impressive modelling portfolio to go with her loud opinions. The pretty blonde recently scored a campaign with Calvin Klein Jeans, going on to sign with the prestigious Storm Model Management agency.

We’re sure we can look forward to more of Lottie’s interesting insights as her career continues to skyrocket!



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