Model goes on an epic rant at “chav” followers


Wow. Lottie Moss really, really hates “chavs”.

The model – younger half-sister of the iconic Kate – is known for her unashamedly opinionated tweets, and just couldn’t resist letting her feelings on the grammar skills of some of her social media followers known.

Taking to Twitter, the 16-year-old ranted: “When chavs put status’ I honestly don’t understand half of what they’ve put…The grammar and spelling is shocking.”

There you have it folks. Be sure to have your spellcheck turned on the next time you want to broadcast to Twitter – Lottie could be watching!

Of course, the model’s latest tweets shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Lottie has previously made her feelings towards chavs well-known, once declaring: “I hate chavs, I hate everything about them, I hate their loud voices and the words ‘init’, ‘phat’, ‘fam’, etc.”

So just to confirm, the chav life is not for Lottie.

Lottie has an ever-growing and impressive modelling portfolio to go with her loud opinions. The pretty blonde recently scored a campaign with Calvin Klein Jeans, going on to sign with the prestigious Storm Model Management agency.

We’re sure we can look forward to more of Lottie’s interesting insights as her career continues to skyrocket!