Model forced to apologise today after drunken racist tweet


Kate Moss' little sister was left red-faced today after a drunken tweet which she posted in the early hours of yesterday morning caused some serious offence.

The 17-year-old was out for the night when she sent the "ill thought-out" tweet, which included the N-word.

A drunken Lottie began by tweeting "I want a monkey", following it up with "When a rich n***a want ya and ur girl can't do nothing for ya."

Cringe. Although the line was in fact a lyric from Chris Brown's song Loyal, many of Lottie's followers took offence at her use of the controversial word. 

The model took to Twitter again that morning, saying it had been a "successful night" as she had thrown a drink in her ex's face:

However she obviously realised the error of her ways today, deleting the Chris Brown lyric and posting an apologetic tweet to her 7,000 followers:

Lottie's rep also made an official apology for the model, saying, "'Lottie unfortunately made an ill-thought out use of a song lyric, and she is hugely apologetic if any offence has been caused."

This is not the first time Kate's little sister has gotten controversial on Twitter –  last year she took to the social media site to tell the world how much she hated chavs, writing, "I hate chavs, I hate everything about them, I hate their loud voices and the words 'init', 'phat', 'fam', etc."

Sounds like someone needs to learn when to keep their mouth shut (or their phone switched off)!