Hoodies, jumpers, and sweaters: the Christmas presents that give back too. 

Sure you buy them in good faith for the significant male other in your life – but you also know full well that in time you'll be helping yourself to those very same wares.

And why not – don't you look dashing in an oversized geansaí? Sure he wasn't even using it at the time.

With that in mind, we've set eyes upon these below gems from Jack Jones (as available right now on JackJones.com)

We reckon all of them would seriously impress on Christmas morning. That you know they'd fit nicely over your own festive jim-jams is merely a happy coincidence. 

Here's our pick of the crop…

Baseball Neck in grey, €40;
Sky Captain in navy, €40;
Originals sweatshirt, €35.


Plus a few things just for him (go'wan so)…

Vintage Co cap, €20;
Originals grey t-shirt, €15;
Panel cap in navy, €20.