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We love when celebrities decide to get up and have some fun in public, so it's no wonder we love Lip Sync Battle

What started of as a segment on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, turned into an epic TV series and in the trailer for the new season, we see Channing Tatum getting ready to kick it like Beyoncé.

"Lip Sync Battle" Season 2 Trailer

Christina Aguilera! Backstreet Boys! Beyoncé? As BuzzFeed’s exclusive Lip Sync Battle Season 2 trailer shows, these celebrities will do anything — and call anyone — to win!

Posted by BuzzFeed Entertainment on Monday, 14 December 2015

Celebrities compete in a pretend-sing battle… And we kinda, sorta, LOVE it.

What more could you want than Channing dancing like Queen Bey? It's a dream come true ladies. 



Two Adele fans thought their dream of seeing the singer perform live was dead and gone… until a certain TV host came to the rescue.

Jimmy Fallon was in the right place at the right time for Kristen Smith and Mary Kate Romano, who found themselves locked out of Adele's sold-out NYC concert after they were duped with fake tickets.

The pair, who hail from Connecticut – around a two hour drive from Manhattan – had headed into the city at the last minute earlier this week after Mary Kate's father found them a pair of tickets.

After arriving at the Radio City Music Hall though, they discovered the tickets were in fact fakes, and even an hour of pleading with the bouncers wasn't enough to get them inside.

Heading home despondent, Kristen described to Us Weekly how they came upon chat show host Jimmy just a few feet from the venue.

"We were both so disappointed and sad that we made the trip into NYC and were so close, but wouldn't actually get to see Adele.

"There was a line of cars that all had black-tinted windows… All of a sudden, a door opened next to us and out stepped Jimmy Fallon."

After stopping to get a picture with the TV personality – who was there to MC at the concert – the girls mentioned what had happened, but told Jimmy that meeting him had brightened up their evening.

"We then turned around and a guy standing in the doorway — we’re not sure if he worked with Jimmy or if he worked for Radio City Music Hall — said, ‘I can make your night even better,’ and he pulled out an envelope and handed me two tickets to get into the show," Kristen recalled.

"It was so unexpected. Without Jimmy Fallon leaving at that time, we never would have ended up getting in."

In case you were wondering, Kristen added that the concert was "unbelievable."

Now, if Jimmy Fallon (and Adele) could just come to Dublin and do the same for us…



Almost daily we are often greeted with a number of very cute announcements on social media form the couples in our lives.

People seem to love coming up with unique ways to break the news of their impending parenthood, or indeed the viral sensation of a first dance trend. It can be a challenge these days to pull off a surprise that is actually going to shock people. 

So, when soon to be parents Alexa and Drew Goolsby decided to use the whisper challenge, inspired by Jimmy Fallon, we were all very intrigued.

The game sees a player put on headphones and attempt to guess what another player is lip reading. 

When Alexa and Drew had to break the news to the new grandparents, hilarity quickly ensued.

Future funniest grandad on earth Bob has a little bit more difficulty, which we completely understand because the game is not easy.

You can see his reaction below. We should warn you that if you watch this in public you will probably have to explain your uncontrollable laughing. 


As it turns out, Adam Levine only knows about half (or less) of the lyrics to Oops I Did It Again, but that didn't stop him from giving it his best shot in Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show karaoke game. 

Adam, along with the other Voice US judges Blake Shelton, Pharrell and Gwen Stefani joined Jimmy for a few rounds of Spin the Microphone, which is practically Spin the Bottle with a lot of singing and less kissing.

The Maroon 5 singer was the first to be called on-stage, and with a good start, completely falls apart after, em… two verses.

Blake also belts out a very good version of YMCA, while Gwen gets down to Drake's new song Hotline Bling:




Hozier… a man after our own heart.

The singer was in New York yesterday to record an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and he took over the show's Instagram account for the day while he was at it.

Among the many behind-the-scenes snaps was this AMAZING photo of his backstage grub, which included Barry's Tea, Tayto and Dairy Milk (Whole Nut AND plain, obvz).


Behold. The fuel of my kinsmen fills the @hozier band-room. #FallonTonight

A photo posted by The Tonight Show (@fallontonight) on

He might be a global superstar with a heap of prestigious awards to his name, but it seems all Hozier wants backstage is a taste of home. 

It's not only his food tastes that are low-key, though – the singer is known for having a ridiculously out of date phone, too:


Hey America. I'm up in your skies. Answering your calls +1 646-812-3313

A photo posted by Andrew Hozier Byrne (@hozier) on

Yet he STILL manages to post to Instagram? Strange. 

Over the last couple of months the Bray native, whose is real name Andrew Hozier Byrne, has been touring the US and Canada, though he did make time for a visit to his beloved Ireland last month.

Just in time for the end of "summer":


It's good to be back in Ireland, rain and everything.

A video posted by Andrew Hozier Byrne (@hozier) on

Well, at least the food never lets us down…


“Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?” Has not been heard for fifteen years, but that all changed last night.

​Kenan and Kel were a staple in the Nickelodeon comedy line up and with the help of Jimmy Fallon the duo recreated the sketch to the joy of many fans. Kel even sings the classic I’m a Dude song.

While Kenan joined the cast of SNL in 2003, we haven’t heard much from Kel since the sitcom came to an end. That didn’t matter though because both actors were back in top form for their appearance.

Naturally, the nineties kids of Twitter were very excited about the appearance. It sent many on a hunt to get out their old Good Burger DVDs and reminisce about simpler times when Kenan and Kel would regularly be making appearances on our TV screens.


Indeed, thank you Jimmy for bringing two of our favourite stars back together again because it certainly made our day. Maybe next time he might get the Sabrina gang back on our screen?


Lea Michele has really come a long way from her Glee days (let's face it, pleated skirts and matching jumpers were never a good look).

But lately, we have to give her major brownie points for rocking drop-dead-gorgeous outfits and completely changing her style around – because wow, she looks smoking hot.

The actress is in the middle of promoting her new TV show Scream Queens and blew everyone away as she arrived to record an interview with Jimmy Fallon yesterday. 

Wearing a tight, cleavage-displaying orange dress, she waved and smiled at well-wishers who had waited around the studio to see her. 

The 29-year-old self-styled fashionista turned up her style game a notch from her usual dress-code and certainly looks a LOT different from her Glee days. 

And we have a great look-a-like dress if you want to look like the Scream Queen herself. From Missguided and costing only €42, this dress is a major bargain. 

Lea seemed in her element as she prepared to embark on yet another promotional appearance, and looked to be eating up all the attention – but that wasn't how her day started off. 

Earlier yesterday morning, the actress visited The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she almost got the living daylights scared out of her. 

As she was speaking with Ellen, a man dressed up as a deranged killer psychopath popped out from the coffee table next to her. 

Lea was laughing and screaming, and perhaps only half joking when she told Ellen: "I'm not coming on your show again. That was him! That was Michael Myers!"



Jimmy Fallon loves nothing more than a good lip sync battle, and when he had Justin Timberlake on his show this week he offered up a battle with a difference.

Justin and Jimmy were on opposite sides of the table for once, with Justin drafted in as a judge instead of a competitor. And the perfect opponent for Jimmy? Ellen DeGeneres of course.

Competition was fierce. Jimmy pulled out all of the stops with his rendition of Silento’s Watch Me (Whip/ Nae Nae), even including a VERY impressive 'stanky leg':

Which was actually kind of incredible.

Ellen was clearly building up to a big finish though.

She took the time to introduce her song choice and dropped a few hints.

Yes. Ellen did a Rihanna cover. It was mind blowing.

Nobody had any chill whatsoever. Justin actually handed her the money.

You can watch the whole battle below:


While he and Jimmy Fallon may have possibly taken the title for best dance performance at the U.S Open, it was Justin’s son Silas who has stolen the spotlight form his famous dad.

The 34-year old Justin and pal Jimmy were in the Emirates Suite watching Roger Federer take oon Richard Gasquet when Beyoncé’s mega-hit came on.

Obviously the only thing the pair could do was stand up and bust some moves. This is not the first time JT has shown his love of all things Bey. In 2009 he, Paul Rudd and Andy Samberg donned some black leotards for a performance on Saturday Night Live.


This time it seems to have brought some luck for Federer as he won his match in straight sets.

However, JT fans were feeling even luckier when he joined Jimmy as his guest for Jimmy’s talk show.

Before his appearance Jimmy tweeted some major spoilers about what was to come. He shared some adorable snaps of Justin and his five-month old son Silas.

One photo shows Silas with mom Jessica Biel, while in another his joins his proud papa Justin for a sweet photograph.

Also, check out that elephant towel. Probably the cutest outfit of the day. The photos are a rare glimpse of the couple’s first child. Since his birth in April they have kept their personal life away from the public.


FLEXIN' on Fathers Day… #HappyFathersDay to ALL of the Dads out there from the newest member of the Daddy Fraternity!! –JT

A photo posted by Justin Timberlake (@justintimberlake) on

After sharing a cute photo of Silas when he was just a weeks old, they seem to have tried to keep their little boy out of the public spotlight.



OK, so we all know that Tom Cruise is an amazing actor, right?

But what we might have forgotten, is that he is AMAZING when it comes to lip syncing. 

A much younger Tom first showed off his lip syncing talents in the movie Risky Business when he mimed along with the song Old Time Rock 'N' Roll and his skills have gotten even better with age. 

Now, in his latest instalment, he battles it out with Jimmy Fallon in one of the best rounds yet. 

Tom, who is currently promoting the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, chose R&B song Can't Feel My Face by the Weekend as his first track and then followed with Meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

One lucky audience member was even serenaded by Tom and Jimmy as they sang You've Lost That Loving Feeling and knelt on the ground in front of her.

Mr Cruise even kissed her hand!




Well, okay then!

While promoting his latest film Ant Man, Michael Douglas announced in an interview that he believes he is seriously packing below the belt.

And why is the 70-year-old talking about his penis in an interview you may ask?

To explain: When Vanity Fair’s George Wayne was speaking to Mr Douglas he began talking about famous movie stars and their prominent physical traits.

“Your father had his cleft chin. Omar Sharif had the gap in his teeth…” To which Michael smiled and retorted with, “I have a big dick.”

It certainly sounds like there was all kinds of R-rated penis jokes going around on the set of Ant Man, with the Wall Street star being by no means the only funny man around.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, Paul Rudd divulged one prank that he pulled during filming but that unfortunately did not go quite as planned.

He explained the incident that happened during filming saying, “I thought, I’m really gonna try and be buddy-buddy with the guy,” Paul said of Mr Douglas.

“We were doing a close-up, and I thought, you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna Basic Instinct him. When he’s speaking, I’m sitting in a chair across from him, and I’m going to, you know.”

Although, it turns out that the Oscar-winning actor didn’t quite get the joke. “I should’ve just stopped, and I didn’t, and it looked like I was basically pleasuring myself to Michael Douglas giving a monologue,” the This is 40 actor admitted.

“He just stopped and just looked at me and said, ‘What are you, a f***ing pervert?’ No smiles.”

We are so excited to see the hilarious back and forth between this wonderful duo in their new film, which comes out tomorrow. 


Jimmy Fallon is reportedly in hospital today in New York following a night out on the town with some fans.

Following a taping of the Tonight Show on Thursday Jimmy, 40, got dinner in Scalinatella on the Upper East Side neighbourhood of Manhattan.

He was spotted by a group of fans and happily posed for photos with them inside the restaurant. A restaurant worker has said to the New York Daily News that the talk show host appeared "fine" on Thursday night.


A photo posted by Ilene (@ilene29) on

In the photos, shared by the fans on Instagram, Jimmy is seen being his usual goofy self, looking smiling and perfectly healthy.

According to TMZ, the talk-show host is being treated in ICU. However, it hasn’t yet been confirmed what it is that Jimmy is being treated for.

Sources are saying that Jimmy has checked himself into the hospital.

Meanwhile in a message to fans on Twitter, the Tonight Show have downplayed the accident and said it was an injury to his hand that had Jimmy checking into the hospital.

Perhaps it was a delayed injury from playing ‘Headshots’ with Mark Wahlberg, a game in which contestants throw things at each other’s heads? Or it could be stress-related, as Jimmy is not just busy with his talk show these days, he's also in the middle of a promotional tour of his new children’s book Dada.

All going well, a new episode of his show will likely tape on Monday and be aired the same day.

We’re all hoping the TV star has a speedy recovery!