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We imagine walking the red carpet is just part and parcel of celebrity life, but when you've gone to town on a weed lollipop and can't control certain bodily functions, it sounds like it could be a right old living nightmare as Nick Jonas explained during a recent episode of The Tonight Show.

Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the 23-year-old popstar revealed that he suffered a serious NARB – also known as a 'No-Apparent Reason Boner,' fact fans –  on the day of the Young Hollywood Awards, and had to do everything in his power to conceal it.

Rocking a very questionable red suit in front of the press and public, Nick was snapped clutching himself in the style of a footballer preparing to defend against a penalty kick, and personally we're dying inside about it now.

Anyway, enough from us, we'll let the man himself do the talking on this one.



Barack Obama hasn’t been afraid to let loose on TV during his two terms as president and last night’s appearance on The Tonight Show was no different.

With his eight years in office coming to an end, Obama decided to run through the progress he's made so far – but unlike your average presidential speech, this one was delivered through song.

As the first active president to appear on the show, Obama “slow jammed the news” with host Jimmy Fallon in a smooth duet which not only slags Donald Trump but sees "Baracky with the good hair" do his best Rihanna impression.

You know what they say: “Once you go Barack, you never go back.”

Feat image: The White House



OK, so we all know that Tom Cruise is an amazing actor, right?

But what we might have forgotten, is that he is AMAZING when it comes to lip syncing. 

A much younger Tom first showed off his lip syncing talents in the movie Risky Business when he mimed along with the song Old Time Rock 'N' Roll and his skills have gotten even better with age. 

Now, in his latest instalment, he battles it out with Jimmy Fallon in one of the best rounds yet. 

Tom, who is currently promoting the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, chose R&B song Can't Feel My Face by the Weekend as his first track and then followed with Meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

One lucky audience member was even serenaded by Tom and Jimmy as they sang You've Lost That Loving Feeling and knelt on the ground in front of her.

Mr Cruise even kissed her hand!



Jimmy Fallon is reportedly in hospital today in New York following a night out on the town with some fans.

Following a taping of the Tonight Show on Thursday Jimmy, 40, got dinner in Scalinatella on the Upper East Side neighbourhood of Manhattan.

He was spotted by a group of fans and happily posed for photos with them inside the restaurant. A restaurant worker has said to the New York Daily News that the talk show host appeared "fine" on Thursday night.


A photo posted by Ilene (@ilene29) on

In the photos, shared by the fans on Instagram, Jimmy is seen being his usual goofy self, looking smiling and perfectly healthy.

According to TMZ, the talk-show host is being treated in ICU. However, it hasn’t yet been confirmed what it is that Jimmy is being treated for.

Sources are saying that Jimmy has checked himself into the hospital.

Meanwhile in a message to fans on Twitter, the Tonight Show have downplayed the accident and said it was an injury to his hand that had Jimmy checking into the hospital.

Perhaps it was a delayed injury from playing ‘Headshots’ with Mark Wahlberg, a game in which contestants throw things at each other’s heads? Or it could be stress-related, as Jimmy is not just busy with his talk show these days, he's also in the middle of a promotional tour of his new children’s book Dada.

All going well, a new episode of his show will likely tape on Monday and be aired the same day.

We’re all hoping the TV star has a speedy recovery!


When we hear the words Magic Mike, generally the first thing that springs to mind is sexy greased-up men gyrating on stripper poles.

Now imagine hearing that name as an eight-year-old child. What do you think they think about?

In a hilarious episode of The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon had Channing Tatum act out some short scenes that were written by primary school children. The kids were told to write a short story based around the title, Magic Mike.

As you can imagine, combining the sultry tone of Channing’s 'Mike' with the innocent stories of schoolchildren has quite an effect.

From seductively pumping up an imaginary bike to Mr Tatum and Jimmy Fallon performing a duet as magic birds, the clip ensures a lot of laughs… even if it is ever-so-slightly disturbing! 



He was formly famed for his wild-streak.

However, last night Colin Farrell really caught our attention when he revealed that his one-time Hollywood bad boy image pales in comparison to his teenage years.

Indeed, the 39-year-old Dubliner previously had a serious run-in with the law, being questioned by police in relation to an attempted murder while in Australia.

"In my late teens, I was brought in by the cops for questioning as a suspect in an attempted murder," he revealed while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

“I was supposed to bring my mother to the airport and I was pulled in by the cops."

He went on to explain: “I saw a photo of the guy that did the crime and I thought it looked remarkably like me and for a second, I had a black out that night I wondered, could I have done such a thing?”

The incredible revelation came to light during a game of True Confessions, in which Jimmy Fallon and Vince Vaughan both had to guess if Mr Farrell was telling the truth or telling fibs.

In response to Colin's tale, poor Vince even got a bit cagey saying: “I’m a bit nervous here cause I think we might have a guy that got away with murder.”

In the end, Jimmy and Vince guessed he was telling the truth, and guess what, he was!

But don’t fret, he actually was in no way involved in the crime it just happened to be committed by someone that looked extremely like him.

Colin is currently playing a leading role in TV series True Detective alongside Vince Vaughn.


Jimmy pays tribute to Robin and plays his first ever appearance on The Tonight Show. 


We'll never look at Morgan Freeman in the same way again after this. 


Does it ever end for this girl?



This video combines the genius of Will Ferrell, the (questionable) elegance of figure skating and the theme song from Downton Abbey.