This whisper challenge pregnancy announcement is ADORABLE


Almost daily we are often greeted with a number of very cute announcements on social media form the couples in our lives.

People seem to love coming up with unique ways to break the news of their impending parenthood, or indeed the viral sensation of a first dance trend. It can be a challenge these days to pull off a surprise that is actually going to shock people. 

So, when soon to be parents Alexa and Drew Goolsby decided to use the whisper challenge, inspired by Jimmy Fallon, we were all very intrigued.

The game sees a player put on headphones and attempt to guess what another player is lip reading. 

When Alexa and Drew had to break the news to the new grandparents, hilarity quickly ensued.

Future funniest grandad on earth Bob has a little bit more difficulty, which we completely understand because the game is not easy.

You can see his reaction below. We should warn you that if you watch this in public you will probably have to explain your uncontrollable laughing.