This lip sync battle with Tom Cruise is the best we’ve ever seen!


OK, so we all know that Tom Cruise is an amazing actor, right?

But what we might have forgotten, is that he is AMAZING when it comes to lip syncing. 

A much younger Tom first showed off his lip syncing talents in the movie Risky Business when he mimed along with the song Old Time Rock 'N' Roll and his skills have gotten even better with age. 

Now, in his latest instalment, he battles it out with Jimmy Fallon in one of the best rounds yet. 

Tom, who is currently promoting the release of Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, chose R&B song Can't Feel My Face by the Weekend as his first track and then followed with Meatloaf's Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

One lucky audience member was even serenaded by Tom and Jimmy as they sang You've Lost That Loving Feeling and knelt on the ground in front of her.

Mr Cruise even kissed her hand!