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Believe it or not, a new study has revealed that Irish men are a cut above their European counterparts when in it comes to household cleanliness.

Research conducted by the Dublin-based agency EuroFound, shows that 48 per cent of Irish males and 89 per cent of Irish females do housework on a daily basis.

According to The Irish Examiner, the figures put us way ahead of the European average which stands at just 34 per cent for men and 79 per cent for women.

What's more, the study also found that the sharing of household chores is more evenly divided between Irish men and women, in comparison to our most neighbours on the continent – (though Sweden and Latvia claimed the number one spot).

However, while these figures might seem like a positive result for the male population of Ireland, the 2017 Periscope Report from Bord Bia showed that Irish women still do the majority of food shopping and cooking, with just 29 per cent of men saying they take responsibility for meal preparations.

We still have some way to go when it comes to gender equality in Irish households, but hey, at least we know that, male or female, we're amongst the tidiest people in Europe. 


A survey conducted by the infamous cheating website, Victoria Milan, has revealed that Irish men the most likely to become angry when denied sex.

For the study, researchers asked 9,507 females from 23 countries to note how men react to rejection in the bedroom – and the results were very interesting indeed.

Worryingly, anger or aggressive behaviour was the most common response, with men form Ireland, Hungary and Portugal proving to be the biggest offenders.

According to the website, this unacceptable reaction is likely caused by a need to mask the deep feeling of embarrassment.


The next most common reaction came in the form of the silent treatment, with Austrian, Swiss, Finnish and Norwegian men most likely to give their partners the cold shoulder.

Reasoning, pleading and manipulation were also common with men from Czech Republic, Greece, France, New Zealand and Poland often finding themselves barred form the bedroom by women who are sick of their tactics.

But, all hope is not lost. There actually are some men out there who can handle the rejection and don't apply pressure.

Men from Australia, Netherlands, Sweden, The UK and The United States were all found to be respectful of their partners wishes – so, you'll just need to start looking a bit further afield.



The gorgeous Rachel McAdams has admitted that she loves Irish men!

Now, it's safe to say we know the charm of an Irish man, and so does Rachel apparently!

Image result for rachel mcadams and colin farrell  true detective

"I've never met an Irish man I didn't like," she told Xpose.

Rachel has worked with a number of Irish lads including Cillian Murphy and Domhnall Gleeson and last year worked closely alongside Colin Farrell on True Detective.

Image result for rachel mcadams

“They’re so great to work with and warm and funny and humble," she gushed.

Come over to Ireland Rachel and we'll set you up with a lovely lad!


Since we were young in school the 1916 Rising and Michael Collins were two things that were drilled into our brains.

And with the 1916 commemorations in full swing, it seems to be something on everyone's minds at the moment.

As you can see, Irish guys aren't the best with chat-up lines (Niall Horan can hardly even string one together).

So, Tom decided to use a very cheeky, yet patriotic chat-up line while trying to woo Shauna on Tinder.

As shown, Tom's first attempt to talk to his lady in October failed, but as Joe.ie noticed, he certainly bounced back with his one-liner:

Fair play Tom. We think a round of applause us needed.


Despite having many glorious movie stars, Irish men have been voted the ugliest in the entire world. *Sad face*.

International dating website, Beautifulpeople.com, which is solely for "beautiful men and women," revealed that less than one in ten of Irish single males are accepted onto the site.

We find this extremely harsh on our poor lads and also totally untrue. So, to clear things up, here's a list of HOT Irish men. You won't be disappointed:

10. Michael Fassbender

Whether he's Bobby Sands or Steve Jobs, we totally swoon whenever Michael comes onto our screens. 


9. Conor McGregor

Our own UFC legend, we can't leave Conor out of this list.


8. Colin Farrell

He's been the hot Irish guy for yeeears, and that's not going to stop anytime soon.


7. Allen Leech

Our Downton Abbey heart throb. Sometimes we watch the show just for him.


6. Jack Reynor

He's up for being the new Han Solo, and rightly so, just LOOK at him.


5. Chris O'Dowd

He's a geek but for some reason we find him hot. Ah well, it is what it is.


4. Pierce Brosnan

Come on, he was James Bond for god's sake!


3. Robert Sheehan

Our curly haired dude has always had a way with the ladies.


2. Aidan Turner

We're watching Poldark NON-stop. Just for Aidan Turner's bod.


1. Jamie Dornan

This Northern Irish handsome fellow THANK YOU LORD FOR JAMIE DORNAN.



Us women can be pretty hard to read sometimes, but sometimes we find men equally hard to get our heads around. Especially Irish men, who seem to be in competition with one another over who can talk about their feelings the least.

Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you just enjoying watching Game of Thrones and want us to PLEASE be quiet? Sometimes we just can't tell.

Here are just a few of the many, many things we'll never grasp about the workings of the Irish male mind…

1. Their refusal to ask for directions
You're stuck on some random road in the midlands with no map and no phone battery, and yet you CAN'T ask that passerby where in God's name you are? Right so.


2. Their insistence on fixing everything
Including your iPhone. Sure it only fell down the loo, it'll be graaaand.


3. Their ability to instantly forget important details
Including the name of their best friend's new girlfriend, who they've been introduced to twice in the last week.


4. Their love of farting… and burping… and farting some more
Fart all you want but don't you dare waft it in our direction (again)


5. The bizarre nicknames they call all their friends by
"Oh, well we call him Splodge because he was a bit fat when he was a kid, but his name's actually Fionn."


6. The way they turn into kids as soon as they get a hint of an illness
"Can you just bring my dinner to me? I'm sneezing too much to walk."


7. But, conversely, their refusal to go to the doctor when they really ARE sick
"Ah, I have two eyes, I don't need to see out of both of them."


8. The fact that they know every All Ireland Senior Football winner dating back to 1985 but can't remember what day the bins go out
FYI, it's Tuesday.



Irish men are a strange bunch, and sometimes it can be impossible to get a good read on them.

Luckily there are a few telltale signs that an Irish guy actually does fancy you, no matter how "cool" he's playing it.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you two are destined for happy ever after, but you've a good chance of getting the shift, at least….

Here are a few things to look out for:

1. He slags you unmercifully
As any self-respecting Irish person knows, taking the p*ss out of someone is a clear sign you hold them in VERY high regard.


2. He's willing to share food with you
Did he just offer you one of his Chicken McNuggets? YOU'RE IN.


3. He added you on Facebook within hours of meeting you
Let the stalking begin…


4. AND he messaged you first
Bonus points if he included a smiley face.


5. He responds to your texts within a respectable ten minute time frame
If he's got you waiting around for hours, forget it.


6. He wears his "good shirt" when he knows he'll see you
Chances are, it looks something like this:


7. He pays attention to you even when he's with "the lads"
And he's even introduced you to all of them. WHAAAAAT


8. He's always checking if you're okay for a drink
You two aren't even in a round *gleeful face*


9. And, of course, he already knows how you like your tea
Even if he does overestimate what you mean by a "splash" of milk…




Irish men are some of the best on the planet when it comes to being absolute craic – and they know how to work a good beard, too.

But how to tell if your man is a keeper or not? Well, there are a few key rules we always stick to…

1. He remembers how you like your tea
And he makes you a cup even when you haven't asked… that's love right there.


2. He cooks for you every once in a while
We're not asking for Jamie Oliver, but the occasional Shepherd's Pie is always appreciated.


3. He (once) told you your cooking was better than his Mammy's
He was definitely lying, but STILL.


4. He doesn't give out when you roll in from Coppers at 3am and accidentally punch him in the face
"I was TRYING to wake you up"


5. He lets you switch over from Champions' League to watch KUWTK


6. And he even secretly enjoys watching it…
"How come we never get to see Kanye and North West?"


7. He makes you a Tatyo sandwich when you're hungover
And if he's REALLY feeling generous, he'll nip to Spar for a chicken fillet roll.


8. He has your mam and Granny totally charmed
"Wait til I TELL ya about the Homily at Mass the other day, Mrs. Leahy."




Global dating site, beautifulpeople.com users has apparently ranked Irish men, as the third ugliest in the world.

The dating site enables users to rank each other on their looks. So, if you are not considered “beautiful” enough by the members, you don’t get on.

Our poor lads apparently don’t qualify, as only 12% of Irish lads who applied, made it onto the site. Who does the site consider the most gorgeous? Well Sweden apparently, as 65% of men who applied were successful.

But in good news, Irish girls are doing well. As beautifulpeople.com considers Irish women in top ten of the most attractive females worldwide.

Still, we think the site is being little harsh on the Irish male population. I mean look at Michael Fassbender.