Us women can be pretty hard to read sometimes, but sometimes we find men equally hard to get our heads around. Especially Irish men, who seem to be in competition with one another over who can talk about their feelings the least.

Are you sad? Are you happy? Are you just enjoying watching Game of Thrones and want us to PLEASE be quiet? Sometimes we just can't tell.

Here are just a few of the many, many things we'll never grasp about the workings of the Irish male mind…

1. Their refusal to ask for directions
You're stuck on some random road in the midlands with no map and no phone battery, and yet you CAN'T ask that passerby where in God's name you are? Right so.


2. Their insistence on fixing everything
Including your iPhone. Sure it only fell down the loo, it'll be graaaand.


3. Their ability to instantly forget important details
Including the name of their best friend's new girlfriend, who they've been introduced to twice in the last week.


4. Their love of farting… and burping… and farting some more
Fart all you want but don't you dare waft it in our direction (again)


5. The bizarre nicknames they call all their friends by
"Oh, well we call him Splodge because he was a bit fat when he was a kid, but his name's actually Fionn."


6. The way they turn into kids as soon as they get a hint of an illness
"Can you just bring my dinner to me? I'm sneezing too much to walk."


7. But, conversely, their refusal to go to the doctor when they really ARE sick
"Ah, I have two eyes, I don't need to see out of both of them."


8. The fact that they know every All Ireland Senior Football winner dating back to 1985 but can't remember what day the bins go out
FYI, it's Tuesday.