Irish men are a strange bunch, and sometimes it can be impossible to get a good read on them.

Luckily there are a few telltale signs that an Irish guy actually does fancy you, no matter how "cool" he's playing it.

Of course, we can't guarantee that you two are destined for happy ever after, but you've a good chance of getting the shift, at least….

Here are a few things to look out for:

1. He slags you unmercifully
As any self-respecting Irish person knows, taking the p*ss out of someone is a clear sign you hold them in VERY high regard.


2. He's willing to share food with you
Did he just offer you one of his Chicken McNuggets? YOU'RE IN.


3. He added you on Facebook within hours of meeting you
Let the stalking begin…


4. AND he messaged you first
Bonus points if he included a smiley face.


5. He responds to your texts within a respectable ten minute time frame
If he's got you waiting around for hours, forget it.


6. He wears his "good shirt" when he knows he'll see you
Chances are, it looks something like this:


7. He pays attention to you even when he's with "the lads"
And he's even introduced you to all of them. WHAAAAAT


8. He's always checking if you're okay for a drink
You two aren't even in a round *gleeful face*


9. And, of course, he already knows how you like your tea
Even if he does overestimate what you mean by a "splash" of milk…