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Despite having many glorious movie stars, Irish men have been voted the ugliest in the entire world. *Sad face*.

International dating website, Beautifulpeople.com, which is solely for "beautiful men and women," revealed that less than one in ten of Irish single males are accepted onto the site.

We find this extremely harsh on our poor lads and also totally untrue. So, to clear things up, here's a list of HOT Irish men. You won't be disappointed:

10. Michael Fassbender

Whether he's Bobby Sands or Steve Jobs, we totally swoon whenever Michael comes onto our screens. 


9. Conor McGregor

Our own UFC legend, we can't leave Conor out of this list.


8. Colin Farrell

He's been the hot Irish guy for yeeears, and that's not going to stop anytime soon.


7. Allen Leech

Our Downton Abbey heart throb. Sometimes we watch the show just for him.


6. Jack Reynor

He's up for being the new Han Solo, and rightly so, just LOOK at him.


5. Chris O'Dowd

He's a geek but for some reason we find him hot. Ah well, it is what it is.


4. Pierce Brosnan

Come on, he was James Bond for god's sake!


3. Robert Sheehan

Our curly haired dude has always had a way with the ladies.


2. Aidan Turner

We're watching Poldark NON-stop. Just for Aidan Turner's bod.


1. Jamie Dornan

This Northern Irish handsome fellow THANK YOU LORD FOR JAMIE DORNAN.




Our Irish men are getting a very hard time – first off, they’re not allowed onto dating site beautifulpeople.com because they’re deemed too ugly, and now, to add insult to, well, insult, they’re being urged to sign up to the sites new ‘adopt-an-ugly-person’ initiative!

The people who run the site wanted to offer some help to their ugly rejectees by getting good looking members to mentor them.

The scheme is open to anyone over 18 “who feels they could do with help to improve their looks”, and they’re expecting a lot of single Irish men to sign up, as they reckon these are the people most in need of some help in the looks department.

Seriously – leave our guys alone! Sure they’re grand as they are!



Global dating site, beautifulpeople.com users has apparently ranked Irish men, as the third ugliest in the world.

The dating site enables users to rank each other on their looks. So, if you are not considered “beautiful” enough by the members, you don’t get on.

Our poor lads apparently don’t qualify, as only 12% of Irish lads who applied, made it onto the site. Who does the site consider the most gorgeous? Well Sweden apparently, as 65% of men who applied were successful.

But in good news, Irish girls are doing well. As beautifulpeople.com considers Irish women in top ten of the most attractive females worldwide.

Still, we think the site is being little harsh on the Irish male population. I mean look at Michael Fassbender.