Irish men are some of the best on the planet when it comes to being absolute craic – and they know how to work a good beard, too.

But how to tell if your man is a keeper or not? Well, there are a few key rules we always stick to…

1. He remembers how you like your tea
And he makes you a cup even when you haven't asked… that's love right there.


2. He cooks for you every once in a while
We're not asking for Jamie Oliver, but the occasional Shepherd's Pie is always appreciated.


3. He (once) told you your cooking was better than his Mammy's
He was definitely lying, but STILL.


4. He doesn't give out when you roll in from Coppers at 3am and accidentally punch him in the face
"I was TRYING to wake you up"


5. He lets you switch over from Champions' League to watch KUWTK


6. And he even secretly enjoys watching it…
"How come we never get to see Kanye and North West?"


7. He makes you a Tatyo sandwich when you're hungover
And if he's REALLY feeling generous, he'll nip to Spar for a chicken fillet roll.


8. He has your mam and Granny totally charmed
"Wait til I TELL ya about the Homily at Mass the other day, Mrs. Leahy."