Unique exercises to switch up your workout routine

Do you find yourself getting bored of your workout routine? We know we do!

Repeating the same exercises again and again can be a great way to build a routine but it can sometimes get boring and demotivating when you’re no longer excited to incorporate a workout into your day.

If going for a run or heading to the gym to lift weights is feeling a little too repetitive for you, we have the perfect solution.

We’ve found 7 unique workouts that will get your heart pumping and you can even do most of them from the comfort of your home. They’ll help to change up your exercises while keeping it feeling fresh so you look forward to doing a new activity that will keep you fit and healthy. 

Check out these unique workouts below and prepare to break a sweat.

Tabata training

This is a high-intensity interval training, also known as HIIT. There are many videos to follow on YouTube about how to properly practise Tabata training from your home. Usually you will have to do a certain number of workout rounds and rest periods throughout.  

Hula hooping 

Hula hooping is a fun way to work on your core muscles while improving your coordination. If you clear enough space in your home, you can do this while enjoying your favourite TV programme, or head out to your garden to get some fresh air. Weighted hula hoops are also great to strengthen your cardiovascular fitness even more. 

Dance workouts

There are many dance workouts available on YouTube that will get your heart pumping in no time. Whether you prefer a traditional Zumba-style or feel like following along with a choreographer to some chart-topping tunes, there are countless videos to choose from. 

Rebound jumping

Also known as Kangoo jumping, kangaroo shoes or jumping boots, these bouncy shoes are a fun way to amp up your daily steps. Similar to an indoor trampoline, jumping boots allow you to do low-impact cardio easily. Many workout studios have classes dedicated to this fun style of jump-exercise with catchy music to match. 

Standing pilates 

Pilates focuses on strengthening and stretching the body to help improve posture and overall tone. Following standing pilates videos on YouTube is a unique and ideal way to do the exercise if you only have a small space to exercise in or you don’t want to attend a reformer pilates class in person.

Trampoline workouts 

Many of us have trampolines in the garden and if not, you may feel like investing in a miniature indoor one for a fun workout. Jumping on a trampoline is a great way to do your daily cardio in a low-impact way. Bounce along to your favourite songs or while watching TV to pass the time. 

Tai Chi

This is a Chinese martial art carried out to work on self-defence and general health. Tai Chi consists of slow, intentional movements that are known to improve balance and flexibility. This exercise has mental health benefits as well as physical health benefits as it promotes stress relief and can be done during meditation.