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The newlywed Wright couple obviously aren’t keen on sitting back and relaxing any longer.

Since their recent wedding one half of the pair has been experiencing something of a career boom.

Between her new gig as a blogger for Hello!, her successful Lipsy fashion line and her new gig with BBC series Our Girl, Michelle Keegan seems to be seriously going places.

But what about her husband, you ask?

Mark Wright, former Towie star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant seems to be taking a bit of a backseat career-wise – save for furiously keeping his social media accounts regularly updated.


Ohhhhh yessss

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However, in between gushing over his lovely new wife, and photographing his over-the-top McDonalds order, Mark has managed to squeeze in his latest venture: just this week he launched his new fragrance range.

Mark has admitted previously that he has taken to stealing his former Coronation Street star wife’s beauty products. And apparently her moisturiser is one of his favourites.

No surprise then that Mark has also noted that Michelle weighed in on his final selections for his own fragrances. Speaking to Mail Online Mark said; “I trusted her judgement and choice of scent and I went with what she loved.”

We would trust her judgement too seeing as the one-time soap star seems to be on a winning streak since the pair married last month.

Mark has been collecting after shaves for years and the famously well-groomed reality TV star said he thinks that a man’s scent is most important.

Although, he has said in the past that he only takes 20 minutes to get ready for his day.

'I get in the shower, do my hair, get ready, apply my Sisley moisturiser and a spray of my new fragrance and I’m out the door.' 


They weathered the hype; got through the Big Day itself with tears only of joy, and then enjoyed a sun-drenched two-week honeymoon in the Maldives and Dubai.

And now it seems Mark Wright has firmly settled into a life of domestic bliss – so much so that he's ALREADY forgetting his wedding anniversary.

Taking to Instagram to part with a coveted never-before-shared image from their wedding day, in his caption he declared: "1 month today!! The happiest day of my life!"

Poor Mark, however, seems to be confused: he married Michelle Keegan, the 2015 reciprocate of FHM's World's Sexiest Woman title, on May 24… meaning his one-month milestone will, in fact, be celebrated on Wednesday.

Still, and while it's now back to reality for newlyweds, at least the groom appears to be as smitten as ever with his new wife.

And in the Instagram shot, the love-birds certainly look radiant. Holding hands as they turn towards the camera, the bride holds aloft in her left hand her beautiful bouquet of cream roses.



1 month today !! The happiest day of my life !!

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The response from their fans was gushing too. "I wish I looked this fit on my wedding day!' said one. Another stated: "So beautiful!!! Wish you all best !!! So happy for you both. X"  

A third fan said: "Nicest photo ever," while a further user reported: "U both look amazing, fave couple eva x".

Although the incorrect date was picked up on by others. "I thought they got married on the 24th?" asked a fan. "Thought u got married on the 24th may or something?" chipped in another.

Michelle's dress, which was custom-designed by Israeli fashion house Galia Lahav in conjunction with the actress herself, can be seen in the same photograph perfectly complemented by her veil: a stunning creation from Italian designer, Peter Langner.

Yesterday, it was revealed that the Manchester-native has landed a new television role: she will play Georgia Lane in the BBC1 drama, Our Girl

And on Friday, Michelle was put in contact with her doppelganger, Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, by 98FM's Laura Holland.


Stephen Fry and his husband, Elliott Spencer, have been forced to shorten their honeymoon because of homophobia.

The newlyweds tied the knot in January, and have been travelling around the world ever since.

The couple were enjoying their holidays in Honduras when they had to leave because of anti-gay sentiments towards them.

It is not clear exactly what incident occurred but the Mail Online reported that Mr Spencer said “we had a problem when we visited Honduras on holiday.”

“It was homophobia. I don’t want to go into detail, but we had to leave.”

While homosexuality is not a criminal act in the Central American country, it is believed that there is hostility towards gay people. Same-sex marriage is still illegal in Honduras.

The 27-year-old married the QI host six months ago in a registry office in Stephen’s home county before they began their traveling honeymoon.

Elliot opened up about the many trips he has taken with his new husband who is 30-years older than him. “Many of the countries Stephen’s been to before, but he likes to see them through new eyes with me,” the self-proclaimed comedian revealed.

“It has been an amazing experience,” he added.

Let’s hope that the newlyweds aren’t deterred and go on to have the trip that they deserve. 


"So! I’m home!" writes Michelle Wright (yup she's swapped over her name) in a newly-published blog post for Hello! magazine. 

"We have had the most wonderful honeymoon split between two very different destinations – the Maldives and Dubai."

And so begins our first official glimpse of her and her husband's glorious-looking getaway. 

The couple's first port of call was the Maldivian island of Maafushivaru – a resort the actress describes as "a stunning part of the world and so very private".

And while Mark, and less regularly Michelle, did occasionally placate our curiosity with sneak-peaks (including that amazing rear-view shot of the bride) during their incredible holiday, overall fans could but wonder the answers to important questions such as: what on earth did M&M eat while they were away?

The view from their water villa in The Maldives


"For food we enjoyed lots of fresh fish and salads," Michelle now reveals, adding: "And of course, a bit of champagne to celebrate!"

While in the Indian Ocean they also did lots of "resting, sunbathing, exploring and eating". 

The 28-year furthermore explained that sadly she and her husband only stayed in "the beautiful Maldives" for "four-and-a-bit days". Your heart would bleed for them at times.

They then "left to go to the place where it all began for us – Dubai".

Despite the presence of their families in the UAE raising eyebrows (after all, who brings their mammy and daddy along on their honeymoon?) Michelle describes their visit as "such a treat".

"Mark and I, Mark’s brother (and best man at our wedding) Josh, and his girlfriend Hollie went out a couple of times for dinner," she explains.

Michelle turned 28 while in Dubai, and she assures her fans that her beau "made it so very special for me".

For an outing at Nobu – their favourite restaurant – the Manchester-native wore a stunning blue and yellow full-length BCBG dress. "It is one of my fave buys this season," she says.

"I love the feminine shape and the colours look great with a tan."

So that's it! Back to work and back to reality for the love-birds: the wedding is over; the is honeymoon done-and-dusted. Bikinis have been packed away and the tans have slowly begun to fade. 

Thanks for memories, Michelle and Mark!


PS… Michelle's honeymoon beauty secrets:

  • She took Unite's 7-second conditioning hair product with her and used it throughout her honeymoon on her locks. "Every time I washed my hair I towel-dried it then sprayed the product on liberally – I also use it round the pool, as it stops your hair from drying out in the sun and the sea salt, and smells really good."
  • Windle and Moodie's 'fortifying spray' also got the Keegan seal-of-approval. "It is for adding volume to an updo on holiday. If you can’t be bothered with taking hours to blow-dry your hair or curling it."
  • She says she uses a factor 25/30 during the day, before slapping "on loads of aftersun from Boots" – she keeps it in the fridge in the hotel room so it’s lovely and cool on her skin.
  • Finally, Mrs Wright used her favourite Garnier summer body product "because it’s the perfect way of maintaining a holiday glow – I just mix it in with a dollop of aftersun, and then when I am back in the UK, I keep the glow up by applying a small amount after a shower. Once every few days is enough and it keeps your tan golden."

He and his wife returned from honeymoon earlier this week, having spent two blissful weeks in the Maldives and Dubai. 

But Mark Wright, it seems, remains eager to relive some of their best moments from the trip.

Taking to his Instagram page this morning, he posted a picture of the love-birds scuba-diving in the UAE, where they stayed at the swish Atlantis The Palms hotel.

Alluding the the large hammerhead shark swimming close-by, the 28-year-old reality TV star captioned the shot: "Now I know why the camera man stopped us turning around!!" He added: "We never knew."

Although Michelle, also 28, was largely quiet on social media for the duration of the trip, she did hint that was still able to enjoy a little down-time upon their arrival back.

Taken at home in Essex, where they bought their "dream home" a little less than a year ago, she posting an image to her own Instagram account of her running a luxurious rose-petal bathtub.


A sea of petals.

A photo posted by michkeegan (@michkeegan) on

Last summer, the actress explained of their love-nest: "It's gorgeous. We're been searching for such a long time. We pulled out of two houses because we didn't like one and then another was in the wrong area so it was panic, panic. 

"Then one day we were driving past this house, and as soon as we walked in we knew. It's a new build. It's my dream home."

Mark also shared a snap of their spare room – which was opulently decked out in plush gold and cream hues.

Somewhat controversially, the duo were joined during the latter stages of their post-wedding day holiday by their families: his parents, his brother, and her mum all jetted out to the Middle East to meet up with the newlyweds.


Thank you Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan!

From their incredible €1.4m wedding in Suffolk on May 24, to last night's last night-out in Dubai – they've thrown us sneak-peaks and snap-shots of their brand new, fabulous life as husband and wife. 

Here, and for your viewing pleasure, we’ve gathered all the couples’s divine snaps from their incredible honeymoon getaways to the paradise Indian Ocean island of The Maldives, and latterly, to the luxurious Middle Eastern city of Dubai.

Fair warning though: its pretty envy inducing…


Starting off in The Maldives, they stayed on the island of Maafushivaru. There the couple wasted no time indulging in some rest and relaxation. Mark shared the now practically famous photo of his new wife looking out at the crystal blue ocean and proudly captioned the shot with the hashtag #mrswright.

Saying he was “buzzing” for the journey ahead he shared another picture of the stunning island at sunset.

The couple also downed shots by the pool – to show their fans, no doubt, that they were having plenty of fun, as well as gazing lovingly into each other's eyes.

Up next, the duo made their way to Dubai. There, the former Towie star and his actress wife stayed at the luxury resort Atlantis The Palm. How luxury, you ask? Well, the underwater Atlantis room costs €7,200 a night. Fancy!

The couple would have enjoyed unlimited use of the resort's famed Aquaventure water park. Not only that, but they would have been given exclusive access to VIP private pool and beach areas. All part of their posh honeymoon package, natch. The 28-year-olds aren’t the only ones to share a room with stingrays, either: fellow celeb Khloe Kardashian is reported to have stayed in the very same spectacular room.

While in Dubai, Michelle took the opportunity to model some of the pieces from her successful Lipsy collection. Keeping with the bridal theme, the newlywed looked stunning in a white maxi with gold accessories. 

The pair seemed to have loved their lavish hotel stay as Mark admitted he was even tempted to stay in and chill with the fishes instead of heading out for a party. In the end, however, the glamorous pair ditched the plush looking duvets (we won't mention the mess) and took themselves out for the night, looking effortlessly stylish of course. 

Mark reminded us all that the twosome aren't ones to "mess about" when he posted this cheeky photo of that evening's beverages. 

It wasn’t just tables for two though: the final days of their luxury get away saw the extended family join in the festivities. Hey, each to their own, we say. 

The whole squad made the most of one of the best water parks in the world. Also, check out Michelle's hair. Flawless even mid-slide. #welljel

It was one big happy family wearing smiles all around as the group posed for photos on the last night of the trip.

Mark's parents and his brother Josh joined the couple. Josh's long-term girlfriend, Hollie Kane, was also invited along for the trip. Lucky girl!

Clearly, the couple had a fabulous trip and their occasional photo-sharing had us all feeling like sun-kissed newlyweds by the end of it all. Well… almost. 



Wowsers!! On his last night on honeymoon, newlywed Mark Wright has lashed out at his former fiancee, Lauren Goodger.

​The reality TV star and his wife of two weeks, actress Michelle Keegan, have been sunning themselves in The Maldives, and latterly in Dubai, where they remain now.

But following a final night-out in the Middle Eastern city, 28-year-old Mark couldn't help taking to social-media for a rant.

He said the "endless mentions" of him and his new love were "embarrassing" for Lauren and further revealed that lawyers have become involved in the situation.

He added: "It's hurtful to think one person needs to mention YOU every week to earn a living," before tweeting: "If your reading this, please PLEASE respect my wife and STOP. Everyone has a past, get over it!!"

He concluded with: "I'm sure there is other ways to make money."

Don't hold back, Mark!

Lauren and Mark dated on-and-off for more than a decade, and were even engaged for a period of time.

However, within six months of their 2012 split he met Michelle – and evidently was smitten. He popped the question within nine months, and they married in a lavish €1.4m ceremony in Suffolk late last month.

It is suspected that a picture Lauren posted to Instagram may have sparked her former love-interest's anger. In the shot, which she has entitled, "Dubai my holidays," complete with a double-heart emoji, she is seen holding a glass of champagne having tucked-in to a lobster feast. Interestingly, just six hours later, Mark began his tirade.


Dubai my holidays

A photo posted by Lauren Goodger (@laurenrosegoodger) on

Following his late-night outpouring, Essex-native Mark made sure to re-Tweet messages of support from his fans. One said: "Actually about time you did write something Mark! Good on you."

Another stated: "Very well said Mark – why can't she just leave you and your lovely wife alone and move on.

Although, a third fan highlighted: "Don't give her the attention & publicity she craves, leave lawyers to deal with it. Congratulations on your wedding xx"

Ms Goodger raised eyebrows when she posted a cryptic message to her Instagram account just 48hours before Michelle walked up the aisle.

In it she wrote: "She's the kind of girl a guy meets when he's too young, and he f***s up because there's too much living to do. But later he realises she's perfect."

However, since Mark's incredible late-night revelations, she has so far remained silent on social media.


Their honeymoon has seen them make breathtaking visits to the idyllic Indian Ocean nation of The Maldvies, as well as the busy city of Dubai in the UAE.

However, few would argue that their two weeks away is anything less than thoroughly well-deserved: after all, loved-up Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan dealt admirably with all the interest and speculation that surrounded their €1.4m wedding celebrations. 

Still, it seems that the duo were also happy to break the ultimate newlywed taboo… by inviting their families along with them on the latter leg of their honeymoon.

Seen in a short video clip posted to Mark's Instagram account are his mum, Carol, and dad, Mark Snr. Also on board is his brother, Josh, as well as Michelle's mum, Jacqueline.


What a ride yesterday !! When the family joined the last couple of days of the honeymoon fun !! #lovedit

A video posted by Mark Wright (@wrighty_) on

The bride herself can be briefly seen the same clip giving a peace-sign to the camera.

It was taken on a ride at the water-park at the stunning Atlantis, the Palm Hotel, where the entire Keegan-Wright gang are staying. Onlookers there have reported spotting the families hang-out by the pool together.

Nevertheless, it seems that as their trip comes to a close, the reality TV star and his actress wife may have finally found some alone time. After debating whether to go out tonight in Dubai, the pair decided to hit the town – duly lining up two shot glasses in their bar of choice.

Mark also posted a clear shot of his left-hand for the first time, showing off his thick gold wedding band to full effect.



They jetted off to the Maldives two weeks ago, staying at the swish luxury paradise island resort of Maafushivaru.

They later moved on to Dubai – the city where they first met, and where Mark popped the question after just nine months of dating. 

But now, the honeymoon is – literally – over for newlyweds Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan: the pair will jet back to England today.

Following their stunning €1.4m wedding, which was held in a 16th-century manor in Suffolk, the pair have, as evident by their deep tans, enjoyed two weeks of sun-drenched bliss.

Mark took to Instagram last night to post one last shot from their jaunt – in front of the famed Burj Al Arab hotel.

Mark can be seen in a crisp white shirt and matching white trousers, while Michelle has opted for a black strapless crop-top and a white skirt. She has accessorised her look with gold hoop earrings. 

"Last night of an incredible 2 weeks!! #honeymoon," Mark said in his caption.

At Maafushivaru, the lovebirds stayed in a traditional water villa, which sit on stilts over the lagoon and boasts direct access to the sea below. The resort has has a stunning infinity pool, chic cocktail bar and exceptional restaurants. 


She's been remarkably quiet on her otherwise busy social-media profiles for the last number of weeks.

Yes, while her new husband Mark Wright has kept fans up-to-date with occasional, sneak-peaks of their glamorous honeymoon, Michelle Keegan has opted to give her online self a time-out.

Until now, that is.

Taking to Instagram for the first time in close-to a month, the actress posted a stunning image. In it she dons a long, white dress – an item which came from her own Lispy clothing line. She captioned it: "Arabian nights."

She accessorised her look with gold jewellery, a statement gold clutch bag, and metallic flat sandals. 

She can also been seen sporting a deep tan – the result, no doubt, of her honeymoon: the happy couple first visited the Indian Ocean nation of the Maldives, before next heading to Dubai, where they currently remain.

The pair, who are both 28, married in a beautiful ceremony in Suffolk two weeks ago. They had been dating for two-and-a-half years prior to their marriage.

Michelle's Lipsy clothing line has been a huge success since her debut collection launched a year ago. The white maxi dress she is currently wearing in Dubai is made from a soft-touch stretch fabric and has a semi-sheer finish.

Boasting a flattering crew neckline and a back slit, it is priced at €96.



She sparked waves of envy when her new husband posted a stunning bikini-clad image of her to Instagram.

Honeymooning in the Maldives, Michelle Keegan’s tiny waist and toned bum were on full display.

Certainly, there could be no doubt that the actress’s pre-wedding fitness regime had really paid off.

However, it seems that some fans were less than impressed – calling the 28-year-old out for being too thin.

Indeed, the star took to Facebook to express her anger at the insinuation.

In the post, which has now been deleted, she said: “Calling me ‘anorexic’ and ‘too skinny’ is just as bad as someone being called ‘fat’ and ‘obese,'" she wrote. 

She also insists that despite her incredible body, she doesn't diet. 

“I personally do not believe in dieting… and think that you should just eat everything in moderation.

“For example if I have an unhealthy lunch, I’ll have a healthy dinner and vice versa.”

She furthermore revealed that she ate three burgers this weekend, although she did highlight that ordinarily, she makes sure she gets to the gym three times a week. 

Previously, E! News presenter Giuliana Ranic has also spoken about the criticism she faces for her size 6 figure. In March, she said she’s “sick of being bullied” over her appearance.

And actress Tara Reid has declared: “I’m just a small-boned girl. I eat, I eat, I eat. Some people that eat too much, you yell at them that they’re fat.

"You want to get mad at me because I’m skinny? Great, get mad at me. I am what I am.”



Prepare to get seriously envious: Amazing tropical paradise? Check. Breathtaking surroundings? Check. Seriously perk bum? Check!

Yes, Mark Wright, 28, has – finally – taken to Instagram to share the first picture of his wife Michelle Keegan since they married in Suffolk last Sunday. 

And let's just say that it's certainly impressive. 

He playfully captioned the image, telling his fans that a friend had asked him if he fancied a game a golf.

"I'll stick with my view thanks," he said in response – showing off an impression rear-view of his gorgeous actress wife.

He also included the hashtag: mrswright.

Michelle, 27, can be seen donning a navy polka dot bikini by Beach Bunny, which would have cost her €165. And judging by her tiny waist and toned bum, her pre-wedding health-kick and exercise schedule certainly paid-off.

Although it was widely rumoured that they would head to Dubai after exchanging vows, it seems the pair have opted to honeymoon in the Maldives – a firm favourite of loved-up couples. 

Stars who've recently visited the luxurious island nation include Holly Valance and her billionaire husband Nick Candy, Rochelle and Marvin Humes (who also honeymooned there), Wills and Kate, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Mark and Michelle married in a €1.4m bash that saw the couple take to the dancefloor for an expertly-executed Dirty Dancing routine