Sand, seaplanes, champers… and Kim Kardashian’s obscene suite

"So! I’m home!" writes Michelle Wright (yup she's swapped over her name) in a newly-published blog post for Hello! magazine. 

"We have had the most wonderful honeymoon split between two very different destinations – the Maldives and Dubai."

And so begins our first official glimpse of her and her husband's glorious-looking getaway. 

The couple's first port of call was the Maldivian island of Maafushivaru – a resort the actress describes as "a stunning part of the world and so very private".

And while Mark, and less regularly Michelle, did occasionally placate our curiosity with sneak-peaks (including that amazing rear-view shot of the bride) during their incredible holiday, overall fans could but wonder the answers to important questions such as: what on earth did M&M eat while they were away?

The view from their water villa in The Maldives


"For food we enjoyed lots of fresh fish and salads," Michelle now reveals, adding: "And of course, a bit of champagne to celebrate!"

While in the Indian Ocean they also did lots of "resting, sunbathing, exploring and eating". 

The 28-year furthermore explained that sadly she and her husband only stayed in "the beautiful Maldives" for "four-and-a-bit days". Your heart would bleed for them at times.

They then "left to go to the place where it all began for us – Dubai".

Despite the presence of their families in the UAE raising eyebrows (after all, who brings their mammy and daddy along on their honeymoon?) Michelle describes their visit as "such a treat".

"Mark and I, Mark’s brother (and best man at our wedding) Josh, and his girlfriend Hollie went out a couple of times for dinner," she explains.

Michelle turned 28 while in Dubai, and she assures her fans that her beau "made it so very special for me".

For an outing at Nobu – their favourite restaurant – the Manchester-native wore a stunning blue and yellow full-length BCBG dress. "It is one of my fave buys this season," she says.

"I love the feminine shape and the colours look great with a tan."

So that's it! Back to work and back to reality for the love-birds: the wedding is over; the is honeymoon done-and-dusted. Bikinis have been packed away and the tans have slowly begun to fade. 

Thanks for memories, Michelle and Mark!


PS… Michelle's honeymoon beauty secrets:

  • She took Unite's 7-second conditioning hair product with her and used it throughout her honeymoon on her locks. "Every time I washed my hair I towel-dried it then sprayed the product on liberally – I also use it round the pool, as it stops your hair from drying out in the sun and the sea salt, and smells really good."
  • Windle and Moodie's 'fortifying spray' also got the Keegan seal-of-approval. "It is for adding volume to an updo on holiday. If you can’t be bothered with taking hours to blow-dry your hair or curling it."
  • She says she uses a factor 25/30 during the day, before slapping "on loads of aftersun from Boots" – she keeps it in the fridge in the hotel room so it’s lovely and cool on her skin.
  • Finally, Mrs Wright used her favourite Garnier summer body product "because it’s the perfect way of maintaining a holiday glow – I just mix it in with a dollop of aftersun, and then when I am back in the UK, I keep the glow up by applying a small amount after a shower. Once every few days is enough and it keeps your tan golden."