The honeymoon is over… but what’s next for Mark Wright?

The newlywed Wright couple obviously aren’t keen on sitting back and relaxing any longer.

Since their recent wedding one half of the pair has been experiencing something of a career boom.

Between her new gig as a blogger for Hello!, her successful Lipsy fashion line and her new gig with BBC series Our Girl, Michelle Keegan seems to be seriously going places.

But what about her husband, you ask?

Mark Wright, former Towie star and Strictly Come Dancing contestant seems to be taking a bit of a backseat career-wise – save for furiously keeping his social media accounts regularly updated.


Ohhhhh yessss

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However, in between gushing over his lovely new wife, and photographing his over-the-top McDonalds order, Mark has managed to squeeze in his latest venture: just this week he launched his new fragrance range.

Mark has admitted previously that he has taken to stealing his former Coronation Street star wife’s beauty products. And apparently her moisturiser is one of his favourites.

No surprise then that Mark has also noted that Michelle weighed in on his final selections for his own fragrances. Speaking to Mail Online Mark said; “I trusted her judgement and choice of scent and I went with what she loved.”

We would trust her judgement too seeing as the one-time soap star seems to be on a winning streak since the pair married last month.

Mark has been collecting after shaves for years and the famously well-groomed reality TV star said he thinks that a man’s scent is most important.

Although, he has said in the past that he only takes 20 minutes to get ready for his day.

'I get in the shower, do my hair, get ready, apply my Sisley moisturiser and a spray of my new fragrance and I’m out the door.'