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Have you ever been the one before the one?

Five dates in and everything seems to be going well, until the relationship is abruptly ended by the other person who 'isn't ready for a commitment', before announcing that they're getting engaged six months later.

This phenomenon is known as 'hyping', and it's actually more common than you might think.

So, what is it?

Well, it's when the person you're seeing gets a quick ego boost and moral support from your short and sweet relationship, thus allowing them to give more of themselves to someone new.

The concept can be likened to the support act at a concert.

Sure they can be enjoyable, but at the end of the day, their main job is to hype the crowd for the main event – All of the work, none of the glory.

What's more, the person who gets left behind will often be in need of a little ego boost of their own and thus the cycle continues.

Dr Victoria Galbraith, Psychologist, told Metro :"We generally seem to lead more transient lifestyles these days and this extends to dating, so it can be considered more difficult to find a long-term partner."

She added, "Couple that with a disposable outlook on life (e.g. constantly searching or waiting for the next car, next phone, next job), this can extend to people…the next partner perhaps!"

Speaking about her own experience, sex blogger, Vix Meldrew, explained, “I dated Jim for six weeks. At times it felt like I was his personal counsellor who just wasn't being paid by the hour but in fine dining and cunnilingus.”

“I talked him through his demons and gave him ways to do things differently next time (I know… eye-roll at me). He made promises for the future which included making things official and introducing me to his mum. Then he ghosted."

“A couple of months later, his Instagram blared declarations of an engagement to his new girlfriend before my bum print had even left his sofa.”

Sound familiar?

Whether you're the hyper or the victim, both can have real implications on your next relationship.

But don't let that stop you from finding the one, there could be someone out there being hyped up for you as we speak. 


While the X Factor is no stranger to novelty acts (Wagner, Stevie Ritchie and Jedward to name but three), it's not often you hear they receive special treatment from the production team, right?

In all fairness, most novelty acts have been used to stir up debate among viewers until they're eventually booted out and the contest can really get started.

But it looks like Honey G is the exception to the rule, with rumours flying that the aspiring rapper is being treated like royalty by members of the show's production team.

"Honey G‘s ego is out of control at the moment, she is the only contestant who gets her own dressing room and anything the G wants, the G gets," admitted a source.

Unsurprisingly, fellow contestants are feeling pretty put-out by the dynamic – something which Honey G apparently couldn't care less about.

"There is such an atmosphere backstage with Honey G going from being a really popular member of the team to the token favourite, and the other contestants are getting angry," the insider added.

Confirming the rumours, Honey G told radio presenter Scott Mills that she's the only contestant to be given her own private space in the multi-million pound house which the contestants share over the course of the show.

"I have my own room because I'm special like that. Hip hop stars who are rich and famous who've made it probably don't sleep in bunk beds," she reasoned during the interview.

Unlike other years when novelty acts were wheeled out and subjected to a barrage of criticism from the judges week in week out, Honey is the star of the show right now, and her treatment confirms that.

"She only has to click her fingers for water and the production assistants are all over her. Everyone else has to fend for themselves," the show's source added.

Imagine what it'll be like when she actually hits the big-time… ahem.