Love Island is being called out by celebs for not having body diversity

Love Island returned to our screens last night, and while Twitter was awash with jokes about pens, medical careers and veneers, another corner of the Love Island hashtag was talking body diversity. 

A few viewers pointed out that for yet another season, ITV had failed to cast any islanders with realistic or diverse body shapes. 

Dubbed 'unattainable Instagram models' the cast consists of petite female contestants and ripped, six-pack laden male entrants.

Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan, who has admitted to her own use of plastic surgery, was one of the first to call out the lack of diversity.  

'I wonder if there will ever be anyone remotely curvy in Love Island' she wrote on Twitter. 

The discussion exploded, with many viewers agreeing with Holly about the lack of representation for various figures, ethnicities and abilities. 

However, not everyone agreed with Love Island bringing on 'average' contestants. 

 'Seeing people on here slate love island for not getting curvy or imperfect people on there n I totally disagree, there's plenty of similar shows out there for normal people but this one is for sexy people and that's its thing,' one man tweeted.

'Everybody is ok slagging the girls in the love island villa, saying they’re ‘too skinny’ and ‘need to eat a burger’ and we ‘need some curves in there’ but if there was one slightly curvy girl and someone made one comment everyone would go mad lol works both ways man,' said another.