‘They BARELY feed us’: Holly tweets about MTV’s backstage antics

Holly Hagan only revealed she quit Geordie Shore this week, but that didn't stop her blasting MTV producers in a series of tweets.

Speaking about another reality show she partakes in, Ibiza Weekender, the blonde beauty claimed that the most recent episode was a total set up.

She wrote, "Ibiza weekender when you know the producers have told Ellie to go in the girls room and chat to mug her off even more in the edit #ihatetv."

A fan then replied to her tweet saying, "You mean reality TV isn't real?! Shocking reveal. Talk about biting off the hand that feeds you! You've made ££ from reality TV."

Holly responded, "I'm allowed to have empathy for a situation I've been in. It's not nice to watch. P.S. they barely feed us once a day if we beg."

According to The Sun, the reality star handed in her notice to MTV earlier this month and despite reports, she does not intend to return to the show.

This comes after another cast member, Scotty T, revealed that he won't be on the show much longer, either.