‘I’ll rip his b**ls off’: Holly hits out at Gaz over his complicated romance

On the latest episode of Geordie Shore, Holly Hagan has hit out at bad boy Gary Beadle over his relationship with Charlotte Crosby.

Ahead of the couple's break-up, Holly told the Confession Cam that if Gary hurts Charlotte again (which, unfortunately, he did), she'll "rip his f**king balls off."

"I always worry when it comes to Gary and Charlotte because I've seen her go through so much s**t," she told the camera. 

"I do like watching them together and I do like seeing them together."


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"A part of me does always want them to be together but I will obviously always have Charlotte's back. I just never ever want to see her hurt but maybe he's changed and maybe this time he could be different," she said.

"The worse thing that could happen is potentially Charlotte falling madly in love with Gary again and him breaking her heart."

"I feel like I'm going to have to give him a chance before I judge but I will be the first person there to rip his f**king balls off if he hurts her. But you never know, maybe Charlotte will break his heart."

It WAS Gary that broke Char's heart when he had a threesome while on Ex On The Beach with Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh.

We think Gaz better stay away from Holly, so.