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Gin and tonic has been having a prolonged moment, but there is another up-and-coming drink angling for the top spot.

The Aperol Spritz is here to conquer summer, with everyone from Ireland's foodie influencers to the ladies who brunch enjoying a sip of the stuff. 

The drink has been around for years, but summer 2017 is set to be the season of the spritz, and we're ready for a change. 


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According to new Google Trend data, the Aperol Spritz is currently leading the way in the trendiness charts for Irish summer drinkers.

The drink is at peak popularity, just ahead of gin, and has seen a meteoric rise to fame, as did it's juniper-blended nemesis. 

The distinctive orange drink first became popular back in the 1950s after the aperitif was imported from Italy. 

Vogue has dubbed the drink as the one to watch this summer, but what is in the beverage exactly? 

Well, the distinctive drink is made up of three parts Prosecco, two parts Aperol and one part sparkling water.

The advised garnishings include orange wedges and green olives. 

The beverage has been enjoyed on the continent for years, with 200,000 gallons of the orange aperitif being consumed in France in 2015, according to World Crunch, so Ireland is slightly behind the times when it comes to the latest Aperol popularity surge, but hey, we've got all summer to catch up.

 Irish style influencer and Head of Digital, Global Retail at Dior, trend expert Ashley McDonnell is based in Paris, and knows exactly why the drink is so popular across the channel. 

'Everyone knows we love wine in France. In the winter it's hearty reds, in spring a chilled white, and summer is all about a glass of rosé by the Seine,' she explained to SHEmazing


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'However, over the last few years our Italian neighbours have been providing us with their own take on a cocktail that involves a good grape but in the form of the unmistakable orange cocktail: Aperol Spritz.' 

'The perfect marriage of Prosecco, soda, a slice of orange and Aperol to top it all off is taking over in Paris.'

'It’s quickly becoming the beverage of choice especially as the city heats up again, bringing some of the Italian Dolce Vita to the City of Lights, a much welcomed freshness to the long hot summer ahead,' she finished. 

Aperol Spritz at the So Prosecco pop-up at Taste of Dublin

The drink even made an appearance at So Prosecco at Taste of Dublin, where the city's finest eateries congregated to showcase their trendiest and tastiest wares last weekend. 

As Well + Good put it, it's about the 'desire to get buzzed—not blitzed,' and with a summer of outdoor brunching and beer garden get-togethers ahead, we couldn't be more ready for the season of spritz. 

Drinks anyone? 

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If you have been experiencing sleepless nights, a new drink trend growing on Instagram is coming to the rescue. 

After the #avocadotoast, #mermaidlatte or #snoothiebowls, it seems like you are going to see and hear a lot about Moon Milk. 

But what is Moon Milk, and it is good for you?

Used in Ayurvedic traditions as a remedy for sleeplessness, this potion is made with adaptogenic herbs and ayurvedic spices. Basically, it sounds like a pimped version of the traditional Indian chai tea – without the actual tea.

The main ingredient, called ashwagandha, is a root which soporific properties and can be found in Indian shops or organic shops.


Blue moon milk #milk #moonmilk #yummy #warmmilk #soothing #sleep

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Cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and honey are also used to make this tasty nighttime beverage, which is said to help digestion, regulate your mood and detox your body. 

Mixed with milk – dairy or alternative, this drink is the perfect replacement for the evening tea if you are worried about your caffeine intake. 

So, will you try the Moon Milk?

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Taste of Dublin is back next week and we are getting really excited about trying some delicious food and enjoying the fun atmosphere of the beautiful Iveagh Gardens. 

To whet our appetite even more, the menus for the event have just been announced. Starting from this year's theme – the ‘Food Lover’s Playground' – restaurants have been working on tasty and artistic takes on the playful theme.

Suesey Street’s has come up with the ‘Suesey Cornetto’, made of organic smoked salmon mousse, thyme cone, beetroot cured salmon and pickled beetroot, as well as an enticing and mysterious ‘Pic ‘n’ Mix dessert.

We definitely won't miss the entirely pink menu from Jaipur, created in homage to the Indian women’s rights activists who have made big changes. That should get quite a few likes on the 'gram!

Gin lovers will be tempted to try King Sitric’s gunpowder G&T with grapefruit oysters, while Banyi Sushi will serve Dragon Uramaki – deep fried breaded jumbo prawns, cucumber, avocado, capelin roe and wasabi mayo.

Trendy new opening Glover’s Alley will also be a Daily Special restaurant on Sunday the 17th with offerings such as aged beef tartare, button mushroom, hazelnut, chive.

The Exchequer will offer some fun-inspired desserts, such as Beetroot and Chocolate Cones, a sweet combination of beetroot semifreddo, chocolate mousse and ginger granola.  

With the fabulous weather we have been enjoying, you might be tempted to follow one of the masterclasses in barbecuing.

The Big Green Egg Barbecue Outdoor Cooking Area will show a higher level of outdoor cooking with dishes like slow cooked brisket of Lambay beef, bbq beetroot and potato chive, summer chopped salad, charred horseradish dressing cooked on the stylish ceramic egg-shaped barbecue.

To get even more of a flavour of everything on offer at this year’s Taste of Dublin and to purchase tickets on sale from €15, go to www.tasteofdublin.ie


With the royal wedding happening this weekend (we will be glued to our screen, how about you?), we are getting quite excited about all the details and while Meghan's dress reveal is certainly going to be peak excitement, we are also eager to find out the look of the wedding cake.   

It is Claire Ptak, an east London pastry chef, who is in charge of baking the organic lemon and elderflower wedding cake incorporating "the bright flavours of spring", according to Kensington Palace. The tasty creation will be covered with buttercream and adorned with fresh flowers, which is probably the biggest decorating trend of the moment.

If you are getting married this year (or if you just love staring at gorgeous cakes, like we do), you might enjoy some fresh inspiration. We have scrolled instagram to find out about the emerging wedding cake trends which might be the next "buttercream and fresh flowers". 

1. The luxury gold  


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2. The chocolate chip cookie cake

3. The geometric cake

4. The all-black

5. The pure white


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6. The art lover cake

7. The French "pièce montée"


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8. The marble effect

9. The geode cake

10. The cactus cake

BONUS: The CHEESE wedding cake!



It looks like veganism and vegetarianism are about to be a lot more common than they already are.

With veganism topping the charts as the biggest upcoming food trend of 2018, it's no wonder that people are easing themselves into the healthy and cruelty-free lifestyle by trying their hand at vegetarianism and flexitarianism. 

According to Just Eat, the demand for vegetarian options has risen by a 'ridiculous' 987pc. 

With meatless Monday's and education on the source of our food products becoming increasingly popular, it's no wonder the demand has risen.

Demand for healthy choices also grew by 94pc in 2017, and gluten free options increased by 72pc, according to Hospitality Ireland.

'The results from this year are a good insight into the future consumer trends and while convenience will continue to be key for consumers next year and beyond, we know that they are increasingly looking for more diverse, healthy, gluten free and plant based Vegan options,' Just Eat Marketing Director, Edel Kinane told The Buzz.

33pc of all Just Eat Restaurant Partners now provide vegan and vegetarian options on their menus to make it all the easier to ditch meat for good. 

'Already proven to be a major hit in 2017 with the increased availability and variety of vegetarian and vegan meal options in restaurants, diners are slowly embracing animal-free diets as a health-conscious effort,'said  International Taste Solution in their 2018 trend chart. 

It's good news all round for those of planning to go vegan or veggie for 2018. 


Poke bowls have taken over the Internet, and has proven itself worthy of the title of most fashionable food trend of 2017. 

Colourful, healthy and yummy, they tick all the boxes, and many eateries around Dublin now offer their own version of the trendy bowl. 

This traditional Hawaiian dish could be basically described as a sushi salad, and just like our beloved sushi rolls, you can make poke bowls with loads of different ingredients. 

Rather than splashing the cash on a takeaway poke bowl, you can follow our recipe, which is super easy to make and most importantly, tasty AF.  

For 2 servings 


  • 200g cooked sushi rice
  • 200g salmon filet, cubed
  • ½ ripe avocado, sliced
  • ¼ cucumber, sliced
  • ¼ fresh mango, cubed
  • 2 tbsp edamame
  • 2 tbsp fresh seaweed 
  • 2 radishes, sliced

For the dressing

  • 1 tbsp soy sauce
  • ½ tbsp sesame oil
  • ½ tbsp lime juice
  • ½ tsp fresh ginger, grated
  • ½ tbsp green onion, thinly sliced
  • Black and white sesame seeds, to taste



1. In a small mixing bowl, combine soy sauce, ginger, sesame oil, spring onions and lime juice.

2. Toss salmon and marinate for one hour.

3. To assemble, scoop slightly cooled sushi rice into a bowl, top with salmon, avocado, cucumber, edamame, mango, seaweed, radish and sesame seeds.

4. Drizzle with the rest of the marinade, and enjoy!


Just like avocado toast, and unicorn frappuccinos; cloud eggs are having a moment.

The latest food trend was popping up all over Instagram and Pinterest over the weekend, and they look like little puffs of total tastiness.


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But, it's not only the aesthetic that have people talking; the cooking method means that no oil or butter is used to cook the eggs, bringing them in at only 150 calories.

So, how do you make these cartoon-like breakfast treats? It's pretty simple.


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First, separate the white of your egg from the yolk. Then whip up the whites until they're thick and fluffy (as if you were making meringues).

When they're all whipped up, dollop onto a baking tray and put in the oven for 5-7 minutes until they're cooked through.


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Then add the yolk, and throw back in the oven for a couple more minutes, until the yolk is gently cooked – you want it nice and runny!

And that's it! Add bacon or cheese 'til your heart's content and eat away.


We’re no strangers to ‘trendy’ food these days; with things such as quinoa, kale and farro often featuring in recipes and on blogs as the super foods of our time.

Now, there is a new food trend, but it may not be what you’re expecting…

Vice president of culinary and pastry at New York City’s International Culinary Center, Candy Argondizza predicted to ABC News that cauliflower was going to be 2015’s trendy food, saying: “Cauliflower is a really interesting vegetable because it’s extremely versatile and there’s a deepness to the flavour that’s profound.”

Cauliflower already seems to be making an impact this year, with roasting the vegetable as a main dish becoming very popular as well as using pulsed cauliflower as a pizza crust for those who may be intolerant to gluten.

Many people have also started eating cauliflower 'rice' as an alternative to the grain. 

Is it a food trend you will trying?! 


Many food trends have come and gone, but Bulletproof coffee looks like it might be here to stay.

The idea sounds disgusting and even dangerous, but many health addicts swears it gives you the much needed energy boost to help get you through the day.

The butter and coffee mix apparently provides your brain and body with the healthy fats that are apparently missing from our diets.

So as well as giving you energy, Bulletproof coffee will help to also increase cognitive function that you can literally feel when it kicks in for about six hours- and without the crash.

Not only has it been proven to help give you a much needed kick for your day, but it can also help with weight loss. Drinking it each morning puts your body in the routine to burn fat all day, helping you trim down overall.

So what do you need to do? Well, it’s simple really – just add two tablespoons to your coffee and there’s your perfect breakfast alternative.

We doubt it tastes nice, but if it does this and more, it’s worth a try?