Finally! A step-by-step guide to applying false lashes


We have to admit it, false lashes do look amazing and are perfect for creating a dramatic loo, but, unfortunately, they are pretty hard to apply. Not sure about you, but we need at least an hour to get them right…

Not only is it important you get them to stay on all night, but they also need to look right- who want’s lopsided lashes?!

Follow our step-by-step guide and you will have perfect falsies in no time:

1. Make sure the lash length actually fits your eye. You don’t want them so long that they touch your eyebrows.

2. Slightly bend the end of the lash to get rid of their straightness and to help them look more natural.

3. Spread the glue across the lash strip. Make sure you are using a really good glue which might not necessarily be what came with the packet. Apply a little extra to the end corners.

4. Give it a couple of seconds before you apply the lash to your eyelid. This will give it a chance to become a little less runny meaning it won’t slip as you place it on your lash line.

5. Don’t stick it o your eyelid, rather place it onto your own natural lash line.

6. Finish with a little black mascara  to combine your natural lashes to your fake ones.