No glue for you! Could MAGNETIC false lashes be the next big thing?


Us Irish girls are obvious fans of false lashes but even the satisfaction of a perfectly applied set can wear off when it comes to the pain of their removal.

So real-estate developer turned beauty guru Katy Stoka has come up with a new way of saving both your real and fake lashes from the dreaded eyelash glue with her innovative magnetic false lashes.

According to Allure, One Two Lash are the first lash sets to use magnets instead of glue and work by applying a short strip of falsies under and over the real lash before joining them together with the attached metal – essentially creating a false-real-false lash sandwich.

The benefits of magnetic lashes?  No glue – so no waiting 'til it’s sticky enough to apply, no ruining your eye makeup with glue while trying to get your lashes in place and no horrible eyelid pulling while trying to get them off.

The downside?  These lashes are pretty pricey at $59 a kit so you’d want to be getting a few wears out of them to make it worth the splurge.