Megan McKenna and Kate Wright had a major showdown on TOWIE


*If you haven't seen Wednesday night's episode – look away!*

Megan McKenna has only been in a handful of episodes of TOWIE, but it's safe to say she's already bringing ALL the drama.

And on last night's episode, the battle commenced between Megan and Kate Wright.

The pair had an awkward run-in and instead of hiding away, the girls both confronted each other over the comments Kate made in the previous episode (if you didn't see it, Kate indirectly called Megan a dog).

Kate began, saying: "I know you're fuming about the comment I made at the pub quiz but I was only joking."

"You said, 'you're gonna rip my f**king head off', somebody came over to me and said that's what you'd just said."

Megan claimed that it was an exaggertion but admitted she wasn't in the best of moods at the time.

The rift started while the gang were enjoying a pub quiz and Arg asked the cast to name Pete Wicks' dog, to which Kate blurted out "Megan McKenna!"

In the end the women agreed to disagree, but we can see more showdowns in the future.