Oh noooo! This girl’s PINK ombre is the definition of totally DODGY


We all know the deal when going to the hairdressers. Whether you're just getting a trim or totally changing your gruaige, you experience a mix of total excitement and absolute terror *incase* it turns out wrong.

Well, you won't believe your eyes when you see how this poor girl's hair turned out after her trip to the chop shop.

Joanna went in hoping to come out with something like this (she told BuzzFeed she showed her stylist these kind of pics):

Cute, yes? And totally in style.

However, her journey began by the hairdresser giving her a perm (erm, what?). She told BF: "I didn't think the perm was necessary. But I didn't want to say anything because I thought it would turn out fine."

And to be honest, we go into a hairdressers to PAY them because they're supposed to know what they're doing… right?

OK, so THIS is what her hair started out like:

The stylist then bleached her hair (perm + bleach = dodge already) and this is what happened:

Ok, not too bad… there's still a bit to go to get her desired look.

But add a bottle of pink hair dye… plus 9.5 hours… AND $170 later… this was the final result:

GAH. Poor Joanne. However, she was able to turn a bad outcome good by asking for the top layer to be dyed black:

Thankfully, she still looks like a cutie, but told BF: "I probably won't be doing anything to my hair for some time."

We wouldn't either, Joanne.