Khloe responds to ‘photoshop fail’ that left her with 2 thumbs

Khloe Kardashain has faced a bit of ridicule this week, after a photo of her garnered rather a lot of attention. 

Usually, the focal point of a Kardashian Insta pic is flawless makeup, a peachy booty or killer outfit, but in this instance, it was Khloe's thumb that was taking centre stage – or should we say, both her thumbs. 

The image had fans confused, as Khloe's thumb looks split into two in the photo, which sees the mum-of-one in a long blonde wig and nude blazer. 


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Thousands of comments have pointed out the odd thumb situation – with many declaring it to be a photoshop fail.

'You slimmed your face so much it caused your thumb to spread lol it is what it is,' said one. 

'Your family photoshops everything so why wouldn’t we question the thumb?' said another. 


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Replying to one of the comments, Khloe said: 'Babe, it's a glitch app. You can't control what it makes a glitch effect to…'

'The fact that y'all think one would Photoshop thumbs concerns me a bit. What the hell are y'all Photoshopping?'

We'll accept this as a bad glitch app in this case, but there is no denying that social media has a major photoshop problem.