This pic from TOWIE has NOT gone down well – can you guess why?

Wednesday night's episode of TOWIE is making headlines this week for more reasons than one.

Megan McKenna's epic bust-up with Kate Wright ("You're gonna rip my f**king head off!") was definitely addictive viewing, but there was one other moment in the show that had viewers raising their eyebrows.

In a scene where Kate was walking her dog with on-off man Dan Edgar, the camera pulled out to show a passer-by chatting on her phone.

The only issue? That passer-by, clearly an extra who was giddy with nerves, was clearly holding her phone upside-down. Oops.

TOWIE viewers were quick to spot the on-screen fail, which obviously went unnoticed by ITV before the show aired:

Good work, TOWIE extra. Good work.