He’ll regret it! This Irish man played a gas Euro 2016 prank on his lady

We get it. It's the Euros. And nearly every man in Ireland is getting giddy with excitement.

First, we had these two lads prank their mother by painting their WHOLE house green, white and orange. And now, we have this lad, who decided to prank his girlfriend.

Liam Kehoe from Co Louth text his girlfriend Rachel, pretending that he won tickets to Ireland's first game in the competition next Monday.

Being the supposedly loving boyfriend that he is, he then asked if she was free.

Rachel quickly responded, "Is this another prank?" before telling Liam that she's off on Monday.

However, Liam, who owns a bar, then hit her back with "Will you cover the bar for a couple of hours??" OUCH.

After the prankster uploaded the messages onto Facebook, he said: "I would imagine she is going to find some way of getting her own back or sweet revenge."

Oh, don't worry Liam, we bet she's plotting something brilliant for you.