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The sales have just started and we can finally get our hands on some pieces we have been coveting for the past few months…

If you feel like investing in a luxury item, either a piece of clothing, shoes or bags, Brown Thomas has some deadly deals at the moment. 

Here is some of our favourites!

1. GANNI Joycedale camisole dress €105 (was €319)

2. MANSUR GAVRIEL Circle crossbody bag €475 (was €795.00)

3. DOLCE & GABBANA Cat eye sunglasses €178.50 (was €255)

4. VINCE CAMUTO Kiminni mesh booties €80 (was €180)

5. CITIZENS OF HUMANITY Liya cropped high-rise jeans €155 (was €349)

6. MARC JACOBS Double zip daisy backpack mini €135 (was €220)

7. THE KOOPLES Crêpe dress €144 (was €240)

8. GANNI Evangelista cardigan €145 (was €249)



If you're anything like us, a huge chunk of your hard earned cash goes towards filling you wardrobe with clothes you probably (definitely) don't need. 

You might be living off beans on toast for the last week of the month, but hey, at least you've got a killer collection of designer heels, right?

Well, staying on top of the latest trends is nice, but have you ever stopped to think about what percentage of your wages is actually spent on clothing and accessories? 

According to Cosmopolitan, financial expert Peter Dunn reckons he's found the magic formula that allows you to strike the balance between stylish trendsetter and fully fledged adult. 

And it's all in the number five, apparently. 

He recommends that you should only spend about 5 per cent of your take home salary every month – which, when you break it down, isn't an awful lot. 

For example, if your €25k a year, your shopping budget is capped at €1250 annually which equates to roughly €100 per month.

Now, on first thought that doesn't seem so bad, but it only takes one flash ASOS sale to spoil your finances for the month. 

Our advice? Save the splurging for special events and experiment with new ways to style the clothes you already have.  



Saturday night is always a mad one, and no matter where you're heading out to, the struggle is real when it comes to choosing an ensemble from the wardrobe. 

Luckily, the shops are open late on Saturday, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue you from your outfit woes.

From mesh dresses, denim skirts and gorge heels, these bits are totally worthy of a night on the town. 


Blue blouse €13.00.

Black bag €6.00,

High heels €19.00,

Tartan dress €18.00


Denim dress €27.99

Blue top €19.99

Flounced skirt €24.99

Mini bag €24.99


Black crop top €37.00

Striped dress €55.00

Denim skirt €55.00

Velvet heels €90.00


White skirt €40.00

Blue corset t-shirt dress €34.00

Pink high heels €57.00

Black ruffled skirt €36.00


Embroidered dress €49.95

Tassled earrings €9.95

Black boots €69.95

Skirt €49.95



It's finally the end of the month, and once we're through with the mundane necessities of paying rent and bills, we'll be turning out attention to more pressing matters – our end of summer wardrobes.

Penneys have just dropped a whole host of delightful new bits, and they couldn't have arrived at a better time.  

Here are 20 pieces we'll be trying to nab this pay day: 

Lilac bodysuit €6.00, Marble shorts €6.00, Runners €18.00, Pinafore €15.00

White blouse €13.00, High heels €22.00, Tartan eyelet dress €18.00. Denim skirt  €15.00

 Beanie hat €2.50, Denim jacket €21.00, Mesh dress €14.00, Loafers €16.00

Blue suede shoes €14.00, Gingham top €13.00, Shearling backpack €14.00, Choker €3.00

Studded heels €19.00, Jumper €12.00, Blouse €13.00, Studded blue heels €19.00


We've seen our fair share of Instagram trends this summer.

With galactic ice cream, rainbow houses and avocado art all taking centre stage this year, it's now time to make way for designer lattes.

New York based Instagram account @coffeenclothes has us drooling over the delicious coffee art and even more delicious outfits.

Chanel, Gucci and Nike take the top spot as our faves, with hand-drawn pieces of clothing also making its way onto the feed.

After looking at these photos, all you'll want to do is order a coffee… and buy some clothes:



The month is nearly over, but for some reason, pay day still feels like a long way off. 

Luckily, ASOS is having one of their massive sales, and we kind of want everything in the sale section.

From ruffled tops to distressed denim, here are a few of our top trendiest items you can get in the sale right now for a complete bargain.  

 Ruffled top €22.30, Fiorelli Evie Small Flapover Purse €27.03, ALDO Mules €52.70. Missguided Dress €32.43

 River Island jeans €40.50, ASOS Distressed Jacket €30.40, ASOS Premium Leather Biker Jacket €135.13, ASOS Pale Pink Strap Watch €13.50

Steve Madden Satin Slip On Trainers €47.30, Free People Flutter Printed Shorts €48.65, River Island ruffle skirt €22.30 Fashion Union Playsuit €32.43


So, drying clothes indoors is pretty much the norm in this country. Our temperamental weather means there's little point in hanging our washing on the line and tumble dryers are far to expensive to run everyday (or at least that's what our mothers taught us).

However, it looks like we might need to find an alternative solution to our laundry-drying needs as new research has suggested that keeping wet clothes indoors could have a damaging effect on your health and your home.

Speaking to KisSpot, Dr Christine Cowie,  a senior researcher in Environmental Health with the University of New South Wales, said: "From a health perspective… many biological agents are found indoors and they usually thrive on dampness and inadequate ventilation."

"They have found that dampness itself has been a good indicator of risk of asthma and respiratory symptoms. There are other studies that show inhalation of fungal spores… are linked to allergic sensitisation and asthma."

So basically, damp air can contribute to the symptoms of allergies and asthma.

But, it's not all bad news, Dr Nick Osborne, Senior Lecturer at the University of NSW, explained the ways we can work to prevent any of theses issues arising.

“If you’re cooking remember to turn the extractor fan on", he told KidSpot. "Dry the dog off before you come inside and think about where you store your wet coats – put them on the veranda ’til they dry off.

"If it’s sunny get your washing out and make sure if you use a dryer that it’s vented to the outside. It all adds up".



Summer may have just arrived, but the high street is already gearing up for the style season ahead.

High street bargain haven Penneys is already choosing the trends for next season, and we're loving what's coming into stores over the coming months.

Featuring winter florals, colourful mesh and tonnes of texture, here is a peek at what Penneys will be championing this Autumn/Winter:  

Dress €16.00 Hat €5.00 Tights €3.50 Shoes €19.00 | Dress €18.00 Jeans €17.00 Shoes €16.00  Bag €10.00 Earrings €4.00 Socks €2.50

Jumper €11.00 Jeans €19.00 Shoes €19.00 Socks €2.50 | Coat €40.00  Jacket €25.00 Trousers €16.00 Shoes €16.00 Socks €2.50

Black dress €17.00 Pink dress €17.00 Shoes €19.00 Bracelet €3.00 Tights €3.00 | Coat €45.00 Dress €25.00 Blouse €16.00 Hat €5.00 Bag €16.00 Rings €4.00

Coat €40.00 Denim Jacket €40.00 Jeans €21.00 Shoes €21.00 Earrings €4.00 Socks €2.50 | Jumper €16.00 Jeans €17.00 Bag €10.00 Shoes €16.00 Socks €2.50

Dress €20.00 Bag €12.00 Shoes €16.00 Earrings €6.00 Tights €4.00 | Jumper €25.00 Skirt €14.00 Shoes €19.00 Earrings €3.00 Socks €2.50

Tights €3.50 Shoes €19.00 | Coat €45.00 Dress €25.00 Blouse €16.00 Hat €5.00 Shoes €22.00 Bag €16.00 Rings €4.00 Socks €2.50 Earrings €5.00



Panicking about what to wear tonight? 

Never fear, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Left to right: Zara dress €25.95

Zara T-shirt €9.95

Zara denim skirt €29.95

Zara jumpsuit €39.95

Left to right: Topshop playsuit €40.00

Topshop crop top €20.00

Topshop bandeau shirt €34.00

Topshop denim skirt €46.00

Left to right: New Look top €24.99

New Look bralette €19.99

New Look biker jacket €49.99

New Look heels €39.99

Left to right: River Island bodysuit €35.00

River Island Choker €17.00

River Island skirt €33.00

River Island crop top €35.00

Left to right: Penneys gingham top €11.00

Penneys bodysuit €10.00

Penneys pink top €13.00

Penneys denim jacket €23.00

Left to right: Nine crows deep V shirt €32.00

Nine Crows white fishnet top €32.00

Nine Crows halter top €25.00

Nine Crows vintage dress €35.00

Feature image: Nine Crows Vintage 



Panicking about what to wear tonight? 

Never fear, town is usually a mere bus route away, so here's a few bits that are in stores at the moment to rescue your night out ensemble. 

Left to right: Bershka floral cut out dress €29.99

Bershka lace bralette €12.99

Bershka zip-front skirt €15.99

Bershka biker jacket €29.99

Left to right: River Island palm playsuit €33.00

River Island pink top €37.00

River Island gingham shorts €30.00

River Island fluffy heels €65.00

Left to right: Penneys heels €14.00

Penneys paper bag waist shorts €13.00

Penneys embroidered top €13.00

Penneys envelope clutch €13.00

Left to right: Topshop bodysuit €36.00

Topshop fringed suede jacket €295.00

Topshop LBD €64.00

Topshop denim and mesh skirt €46.00

Left to right: H&M mesh top €12.99

H&M fabric watch €19.99

H&M navy jumpsuit €44.99

H&M white crop top €22.99



It's officially the Bank Holiday weekend, so if there was ever a time to get turnt, this is it. 

If you feel like you have nothing to wear out this weekend, never fear.

We've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping before hitting the town tonight. 

Left to right: Penneys New York T-shirt  €9.00

Penneys belt €4.00

Penneys Shoe boots €19.00

Penneys Ruffle sleeve playsuit €16.00

 Left to right: River Island nude dress €75.00

River Island black shirt €45.00

River Island backpack €91.00

River Island suede skirt €60.00

Left to right: New Look high heels €37.99

New Look embroidered bag €24.99

New Look corset dress €19.99

New Look glasses  €9.99

Left to right: Topshop ruffled crop €32.00

Topshop crochet top €50.00

Topshop ruffled denim skirt €46.00

Topshop embroidered skirt €50.00

Left to right: H&M T-shirt dress €39.99

H&M red mesh top €12.99

H&M striped cotton top €39.99

H&M denim skirt €29.99

Left to right: & Other Stories purple suede mules €79.00

& Other Stories gingham dress €69.00

& Other Stories black utility dress €89.00

& Other Stories bardot top €39.00



The weekend is finally upon us, so it's time to hit the town. 

And, you can't even use the "I've nothing to wear" excuse not to head out, because we've put together a selection of gorge style pieces that are available in store right now, so hop on that bus to town and do some last minute shopping.

From velvet bralettes to studded, ruffled skirts, here's what the high street has to offer:

Left to right River Island fluffy top €35.00

River Island playsuit €30.00

River Island skirt €37.00

River Island bardot top €35.00

Left to right: Penneys heels €14.00

Penneys crop top €9.00

Penneys ruffled skirt €12.00

Penneys shorts €7.00

Left to right: H&M ruffled top €49.99

H&M LBD €24.99

H&M marble ring set €7.99

H&M velvet bralette €12.99

Left to right Topshop vinyl lace-up jeans €89,00

Topshop crochet top €26,00

Topshop ruffled dress €65,00

Topshop denim skirt €50.00

Left to right Bershka yellow mesh top €9.99

Bershka perspex heels €39.99

Bershka denim skirt €24.99

Bershka pink crop top €9.99

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