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Calling all X-Factor fans!

Cheryl Tweedy is officially returning to the judging panel in the upcoming season of the now iconic talent show. 

At least for the judges houses section of the competition anyway, according to a new photo released today. 


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In the snap, Cheryl can be spotted posing with head judge Simon Cowell at his mansion in southern France. 

'Simon is ecstatic at getting Cheryl back working with him again,' a source previously told the Mail On Sunday.

'They’ve had their ups and downs to say the least but he hugely respects her opinion.'


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'He has been working on it for a while,' they continued. 

'He and Cheryl have been talking a lot over the last months…'

Cheryl first appeared on the panel back in 2008.


Just five months after giving birth to her first child, Cheryl has revealed she is back at work.

Cheryl, 34 and partner, Liam Payne, 23, welcomed their son Bear in March of this year.


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Since then, Liam has been busy working on his career post-One Direction, making many public appearances while he promotes his debut solo track, Strip That Down.

However, the same can't be said for the former Girls Aloud star and X Factor judge, who kept a notoriously low profile throughout her pregnancy and has shied away from the limelight since giving birth.

But, that looks like it could all be about to change after the mother-of-one shared a photo on her Instagram showing her posing for a professional photographer.


Back at it @lorealmakeup #worthit

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She wrote: “Back at it @lorealmakeup #worthit.”

Fans were clearly overjoyed to see the star back online as the post garnered  more than 60,000 like in just one hour.

And while we're not sure what exactly this means for the future of Cheryl's career, we're excited to see what the star has in store.


I'm sorry, did we miss something?

Having just recently welcomed a baby boy into the world, Liam Payne and Cheryl (whatever she's calling herself these days) are more loved-up than ever, but Liam's latest comments have left everyone wondering if the couple are actually MARRIED!

Earlier today, the 23-year-old referred to Cheryl as his 'wife' and as expected, the rumour mill was sent into overdrive.

In an interview with SiriusXM this morning, the former One Direction star jokingly said that he left his ''wife and child'' in the UK just so he could eat at In ‘N’ Out Burger.

Now, it could have been a simple slip of the tongue, but the comment certainly sent fans into a frenzy. 

The couple remained tight-lipped throughout Cheryl pregnancy, so it's entirely possible the pair chose to tie the knot in secret. 

So what do you think? Could the rumours be true?

Either way, we can't imagine Cheryl is too impressed right now.


We have been waiting patiently for Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne to confirm to the world the name of their baby boy who came into the world in March. 

And the rumours are circulating that the reason it took so long was because they hadn't settled on one yet.

But now we can reveal that the little guy has been named….Bear Payne. 


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According to the Daily Mail, the couple finally settled on the unique name just a few days ago.

A source told the publication, "Liam and Cheryl couldn't decide on a name for ages and kept to-ing and fro-ing between options.

"But they both loved Bear and settled on it a few days ago. Despite the sleepless nights, the couple are completely smitten with little Bear."


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It is also believed that the five-week-old will take his daddy's surname. 

Last weekend, the Internet was aflutter with talk that baby Payne was going to be named Taylor, but sources close to the couple have revealed that they have finally settled on the moniker Bear and are really enjoying spending time getting to know him. 



On March 22 of this year, Cheryl Cole and former One Direction star welcomed their first child, confirming the news with an adorable Instagram post of Liam Payne holding the bub. 

Ever since, we have been waiting with baited breath for the name of the adorable baby to be revealed – and we finally have answers. 

The Internet has been freaking out over a new listing on a celebrity birthday site, Famous Birthdays, which lists their son being named Taylor Payne. 

Has Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby name been revealed? Fans certainly seem to think so

The listing itself also correctly details how the baby’s birthday is on March 22, and how Cheryl and Liam are the parents- seems legit.

Now, naturally we are sceptical about the legitimacy of this name, because how did this site manage to get a hold of the name, before anyone else? 

In 2012 before Liam and Cheryl became an item, he told Hits Radio: "I like the name Taylor. Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child if I had children."

Anyway, all scepticism aside, we actually really like the name, so if this baby is called Taylor – we are in full support of the decision. 

Now we just wait for confirmation from the famous couple! 



It feels like Cheryl Cole is having the longest pregnancy of all time, as fans wait in eager anticipation for the announcement that the star has given birth. 

Cheryl, who is expecting her first child with Liam Payne, took to Instagram to share a new snap of herself sans bump.


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The images are to promote her lash line's new look, which includes new styles and packaging, according to the post.

Fans weren't focused on the Geordie's lash line however, they were more obsessed with the 33-year-old's waist line.

Commentators are speculating that the Girls Aloud star has already given birth, but has kept the birth as private as the pregnancy. 


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"You look great but I can't help noticing the flat stomach. Have you given birth yet?" said one. 

However, others insist that these photos must have been taken before the pregnancy,which Cheryl and Liam have not yet confirmed. 


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"These pictures were took before she was pregnant. use your brain," said one sceptic.

The jury is out on this one, do you think Cheryl has given birth in secret or is the pregnancy still underway? 




Their divorce was formalised just in October. However, sadly Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini and his estranged wife are not now in close contact.

Indeed, the French businessman has spoken for the first time about the moment he discovered that Cheryl Cole was expecting a child with her boyfriend, Liam Payne. 


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And it seems that he found out in the same way that many of her fans did: via social media posts and online photographs.

Speaking to the Evening Standard, the 36-year-old explained: "Funnily enough that was how I heard."

JB is evidently delighted for Cheryl, 33, and her 23-year-old One Direction love; he continued by saying having children makes the world a "better place".

He added: "It's a great thing to have babies. There are so many sad things these days, if everyone was creating life, the world would be a better place."

When it comes to matters of the heart and finding love again, Mr Fernandez Versini believes that fate finds a way.

"If it happens, it happens. My life has never been about looking for something. It comes to me," he stated. "I'm old-fashioned. If I'm meant to meet the person, I will. If not, I will go home."

Jean and Cheryl tied the knot on a tropical beach in Mustique in July 2014; they had met three months previously at the Cannes Film Festival. Cheryl has also been married to footballer Ashley Cole.

She and Liam are believed to have first begun their romantic encounter a year ago. They have yet to publicly announce the pregnancy. 



Cheryl pretty much confirmed she was pregnant last night when she stepped out with her beau Liam Payne rocking a pretty beautiful baby bump.

The rumours have been gathering for the past few months now, so we can't exactly say it was a surprise, but Hell, Twitter still went into meltdown.

From Directioners going into a frenzie, to fans wishing her the best of luck, here's what the Internet ahd to say about the soon-to-be parents:

Well, there you have it.


The persistent pregnancy rumours surrounding Cheryl and Liam Payne reached new heights this week as fans became convinced that the singer is expecting twins.

While filming an upcoming episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with the BBC, 33-year-old Cheryl learned that there is a history of multiple births in her family.

News that the star’s great-great-great grandfather fathered twins sparked speculation that Cheryl herself could be expecting two babies rather than one.

Yesterday, the X Factor judge’s 23-year-old beau shared a cryptic image on Instagram which appeared to be warning people away from his private life.

The One Direction star dressed the cartoonish post with the message “stay in your lane”.


Stay in your lane

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Despite the ongoing conversation surrounding Cheryl’s changing figure, the couple have yet to confirm that they are expecting their first child. 


It has been weeks since the pregnancy rumours started swirling, and with still no answers, Cheryl's fans are hanging on for any indication she's expecting a baby.

From her BFF Kimberly Walsh's slip-up, to Liam's new song lyrics, everything is pointing towards the singer being pregnant, and the only one that has to confirm it is Cheryl herself.


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Well, she might just be ready as the brunette beauty is set to appear on TONIGHT'S The One Show.

Hosts Matt Baker and Alex announced her appearance but have yet to confirm what she's on the show to talk about. So far, news outlets are reporting she'll be on to talk about her recent work with Childline.


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However, RSVP has confirmed that she will, in fact, reveal she has a bun in the oven.

This will be Cheryl's first televised interview in months, so we're sure everyone will be watching.

The One Show is on BBC One tonight at 7pm.


With so much going on in his personal life, it can be difficult to remember that Liam Payne is a recording artist.

But earlier this month the singer sent Twitter into a state of mass confusion after signing his first solo record deal with American label Republic Records.

Already that collaboration seems to be baring fruit as yesterday the 23-year-old pop star took to Instagram to tease his first single.


@dannyboystylesxo @benbillions @bibibourelly

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The unnamed track includes NSF One Direction lyrics like “I wanna make love to you, be onto you, so hard for you” and “all these other b*tches here be tripping, the way you walk in is so different, I just wanna make it with you”.

So far fans have expressed mixed feelings towards the preview with many taking to social media to share their disappointment with the teaser.

“I want to support Liam Payne but his new song snippet sound awful.  The autotune, the lyrics…Just…NO (sic),” wrote one.

While another said: “Why does the new Liam Payne song sound like a male iteration of Britney Spears.  Girl that auto tune hurts.”

Meanwhile others have speculated that the song is about Cheryl, with some going as far as to suggest that it remarks on the star’s rumoured pregnancy.

Many believe the lines “All the best things take a little time, take a little time baby.  This ain’t nothing, take a little time baby” strongly hint that the couple are expecting their first child.



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With such a short clip to work with, it remains unclear as to whether or not Liam is singing an innocent pop song or referencing his BAE's secret pregnancy.

But hopefully if the rest of the track gets released, all will become clear.




After everything they've been through over the course of their marriage and subsequent divorce, you'd be forgiven for thinking Ashley Cole would be the last person Cheryl would turn to in times of stress, but it looks like we'd be wrong.

According to emerging reports, the former Girls Aloud singer, who recently divorced Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, sought her  first ex-husband's advice in the wake of potential career moves and intense media speculation.

With Cheryl's boyfriend Liam Payne looking to set up shop across the water in the States, the Geordie singer is considering a permanent move – something which she has discussed with her former husband's mum via text message.

And once Ashley got word of the conversation, he decided to reach out to Cheryl who subsequently opened up about her plans and asked for his advice.

Commenting on the interesting dynamic, an insider explained: "Cheryl's always maintained a good relationship with Ashley's mum, who told him Cheryl was considering her next move."

"Ashley decided to message Cheryl to congratulate her on the new start following the divorce. Cheryl told him how she and Liam had been debating a move to LA," they continued.

Along with Liam's new US deal, the Stupid Crazy Love singer feels like life may be easier for the pair Stateside, with the source adding: "Cheryl feels she might get more quality time with Liam in LA without so much public scrutiny."

It's been six years since Cheryl and Ashley finalised their divorce.