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The persistent pregnancy rumours surrounding Cheryl and Liam Payne reached new heights this week as fans became convinced that the singer is expecting twins.

While filming an upcoming episode of Who Do You Think You Are? with the BBC, 33-year-old Cheryl learned that there is a history of multiple births in her family.

News that the star’s great-great-great grandfather fathered twins sparked speculation that Cheryl herself could be expecting two babies rather than one.

Yesterday, the X Factor judge’s 23-year-old beau shared a cryptic image on Instagram which appeared to be warning people away from his private life.

The One Direction star dressed the cartoonish post with the message “stay in your lane”.


Stay in your lane

A photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

Despite the ongoing conversation surrounding Cheryl’s changing figure, the couple have yet to confirm that they are expecting their first child. 


Sex And The City fans, get yourselves on a bus to Cavan stat.

One of the show's biggest stars, Chris Noth, is in the area, having arrived at the local library yesterday with a crew from the US genealogy show Who Do You Think You Are.

Yup, one of Mr. Big's great grandparents was a Cavan native, and Chris can trace his roots all the way back to Knockbride, near Bailieborough.

"I had no idea who was coming until about 4pm the day before," Tom Sullivan, Cavan's County Librarian told Today FM this morning.

"The whole process took most of the day, there was a lot of waiting around, but he was happy to sit and relax and read some of our books."

And if you're thinking Chris Noth might have been a bit of a d**khead like his Good Wife character, you'd be oh-so wrong, it seems.

"Absolutely no demands at all, an absolute gentleman," said Tom.

"He came in and got some photos taken, he was delighted to be in Cavan. He was enthralled with the greenness of the country.

"There was a queue of people to see him, and he was most obliging in all aspects, an absolute gent, he couldn't have been more decent."

And now for the most important thing – WHERE IS HE TODAY?

"I have a feeling that they're somewhere in Cavan," says Tom. 

"He may just be touring around or doing more work for the show."

See you in Cavan, ladies.