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She teased us for ages on Snapchat, sharing videos and pictues of her hair with blonde dye in it.

She then teased us further when she asked her fans if she should go for "honey blonde or peroxide."



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Well, the wait is over as Kylie Jenner has just debuted her new hair,

Taking to Snapchat again, the now-blonde beauty showed off her new tresses as she touched down in New York.



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With serious Kimmy K vibes, we can see her morphing into her older sister bit by bit.

What do you think of her new hair?


Back in July our hearts wept as Michelle Keegan swapped her trademark brunette locks for a much lighter look.

And while we were temporarily relieved to learn that the Corrie actress’ new ‘do was part of her role in Tina And Bobby, Michelle’s decision to remain blonde once filming had finished had us worried that we might never again see her as a brunette.

Thankfully though at long last the British star has stepped out with the long brown hair we all know and love, and while her new style is not quite as dark as it once was, we still think Michelle’s hair looks WAY better than it did blonde.

The 29-year-old actress was snapped heading to BBC Breakfast in Manchester this morning with her fresh look to promote the upcoming series of Gone Girl.

According to the Mail Online, in a separate interview Michelle was also forced to address rumours surrounding her relationship with Mark Wright.

The brunette beauty told The Sun that while she and her husband of one year have struggled to spend time together recently, their relationship is definitely not in trouble.


With a fab new look and her relationship intact, it looks like things are on the up for Michelle.



Kim Kardashian hasn't been shy about her weightloss goals after giving birth to her second child, Saint West.

And it looks like she's finally achieved them.

The mum-of-two stepped out in LA last night, on her way to her hubby's Famous art exhibition.

Wearing what is presumably a blonde wig, Kim wore her bleached tresses long and wavy as she showed off her toned body.

She donned a long sleeve mesh dress with a nude catsuit underneath, which showed off her curves perfectly.

We just love her new look.


Vanessa Hudgens is certainly one of our fave ladies for style. Her look is totally chill and casual, and if I tried to pull it off I'd probably look like I just got out of bed…

However, the leading lady has gone through TWO major hair changes in the space of a day.

She told InStyle last week: "I actually just texted my hair stylist saying I want to do something fun… So we'll what happens."

Well, what happened is that one day her hair was RED and long:


Via (@ gypsybanessa) #vanessahudgens

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And the next day is was short and blonder:


New hair thanks to @riawnacapri @ninezeroone #bronzey

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Which one do you prefer? We have to say we're digging the red! But of course, Vanessa can pull off anything.


In a makeover I never saw coming, Shay Mitchell is now a blondie.

Since the beginning of Pretty Little Liars, the girls have all chopped and changed their hairstyle is some way, but Shay always remained the same; glossy, long, dark locks.

So it was super surprising when Shay shared a photo of her and her co-star Ashley Benson, both rocking blonde hair.


Double trouble. #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun

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Shay captioned the photo: "Double trouble #findingoutifblondesreallydohavemorefun."

Whether this is a wig, or a real dye job, I don't know, but she's certainly killing it.


It has long been said that blondes have more fun than their dark haired companions but as Michelle Keegan proved at Thursday’s Choose Love ball, blonde simply does not work on everyone.

Many of the world’s best known women have given in to the temptations of the bleach bottle but as the likes of Victoria Beckham and Angelina Jolie have proved, sometimes it is best to have your fun and then quickly retreat back to the dark side.

Here are some of our favourite stars who learned hard and fast that blonde just wasn’t for them.

Anne Hathaway: The Alice in Wonderland star's beautiful bone structure means she can work it long and she can work it short but no amount of jawline perfection would enable Anne to pull off blonde.


Kim Kardashian: With their Armenian skin tones the Kardashian girls were born to be brunette, but the hasn't stopped Kim for bleaching her hair.  Last year the reality star shocked everyone when she stepped out with peroxide blonde locks but thankfully she has spent most of her time since with more natural looking tones.


Jessica Biel: Justin Timberlake's BAE gave blonde a go back in 2008 but quickly retreated back to her brunette locks.  Since then she has dabbled safely with blonde highlights to create variation without taking the look to the extreme.


Victoria Beckham: Posh Spice might be a major style icon these days but it's unlikely she would have ever reached that status if she had held onto her bright blonde bob.


Angelina Jolie: Today Angelina is one of the most consistently stylish stars on the red carpet, but back in the late 90's the actress did play around with a much fairer look.  The star previously revealed to a German magazine that she was actually dark blonde as a child but her mother began dying her hair dark when she was around four years old.


Jennifer Love Hewitt: I Know What You Did Last Summer star Jennifer Love Hewitt had a seriously dodgy blonde experience back in 2014 when she debuted honey toned hues which darkened towards the end of her hair.  Thankfully the star has since realised her mistake and has transitioned back to being a full time brunette.


Tulisa: Troubled singer Tulisa has had some major style-based highs and lows but her 2012 blonde experience was most definitely among the lows.  The star's yellow locks brought her look right into the tacky zone she has since tried hard to avoid.


Jessica Alba: Over the years the hair of actress and model Jessica Alba has gone through a series of brunette to blonde experiments including all over blonde with bangs in 2005, rooty blonde in 2012 and now back to brown for 2016.



Keira Knightley: Pirates of the Caribbean actress Keira Knightly tried blonde in 2006 but quickly went back to her brunette roots.  Since then the star has kept in line with her natural shade and has changed her look by cut rather than colour.



So many celebrities deny going on crash diets, having a little botox, or even admitting to hair extensions.

We get it. They're in the public eye and want to present their best possible selves; but we don't understand why they try so hard to hide the little bit of help they've received (especially when it's super obvious).

However, one gal that isn't afraid to hide her help is Rita Ora, and she even thinks it's "weird" that some people find it so hard to talk about.

“Some people feel really weird talking about hair extensions, but the reality is your hair can’t grow overnight, so why not get creative,” she told InStyle.

The 26-year-old is happy to admit that after years of damaging her locks with bleach and bad dye-jobs, she needs a little bit of a lift with her tresses now.

“The trick is, you have to completely own it, and that’s a confidence thing.

“I was only 14 (when I started dyeing my hair), which is why my hair is so short and damaged now," she added.

Being a natural brunette, Rita constantly has to dye her roots, but even with all the up-keep, the Hot Right Now singer says that blonde has "always been my thing," and she's not going to change anytime soon.



She’s the stunning model of the moment who wowed in THAT dress and faux bangs at this year’s Cannes festival – not to mention party of the world's biggest #girlsquad.

But Bella Hadid has now turned her back on her trademark dark tresses – opting for a quirky mix of blonde and bubblegum pink instead.

And we reckon that the result makes her look rather more like her big sis, Gigi.

Posting a picture of her drastically different locks to Instagram, the 19-year-old LA-native revealed that she is currently in London.


Today in London @sammcknight1 @thevalgarland Two brilliant minds! Love u both!

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And yup – this is definitely her most extreme look to date: platinum blonde strands complete with a bubblegum pink ombré fade.

She has also opted to leave a generous root of natural brunette at the top of her hair.

We imagine that Bella’s head-turning new look is for a shoot – so expect to see a return on her more natural hue soon. 



We think 2016 is the year of Justin Beiber's unusual hair decisions, however, his latest look is giving us total Draco Malfoy vibes and we don't know if we like it or not.

Justin has been sharing loads of snaps from his weekend, and he's seen with bright peroxide blond hair.

It may be a little to sunny for us, but each to their own we guess.


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on


A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on



Season 7 of Modern Family wrapped shooting on Tuesday, and one person who's already celebrating is Sarah Hyland.

The actress, who plays Haley on the long-running sitcom, took to social media yesterday to show off a very dramatic new look.

Gone are the blonde/bronde locks she's sported in a variety of lengths over the years, and in their place is a raven-black bob.

"Change. Is. Good," Sarah wrote alongside  a photo of herself and hairstylist Nicki Lee. "I love it."

While we can see why the actress would want a change, we're not sure the jet black suits her pale skin – although it could be the bright sunlight that's washing her out here:

Either way, Sarah seems delighted with the shift in her style, and has been posting selfies galore since taking the plunge:

After splitting from her boyfriend Matthew Prokop – and taking an abuse case against him – back in 2014, the actress has found love with English actor Dominic Sherwood, and we're delighted to see her so happy.

"You're my best friend and I love you," she wrote in a sweet birthday message to her man just last month.

Too cute. 



Attention One Direction fans, Niall Horan is now brunette.

The singer touched down in LA last night as the boys begin solo projects, but one thing that stuck out most to fans was the fact that Niall is no longer a blondie… we think.

The Mullingar native was wearing all black everything, including a cap which covered the top of his hair.

Now, whether he's going for a new look of blonde on top and brown on the bottom, we don't know. But either way, his fans went MENTAL when they saw him: 



Most of us know Lauren Conrad as the pristine blonde from The Hills. And we've often brought pictures of her to the hairdresser and said, "I want my hair that colour."

She's never really swayed much into any other hue, just the ombré trend here and there. But NOW, feast your eyes on this ladies.

The LC is officially a red head… and we absolutely love it.

Gone are her famous blonde beachy curls and in its place is a vibrant splash of red.We think it brings a whole new lease of life to the 29-year-old, too. 

What do you think? Should she keep it or go back to her golden locks?