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What a year it has been for redheads so far, and its only January!

A few weeks ago, we learned that there were ginger emojis on the cards, and now we learn that there is a special magazine coming out, solely for redheads.  

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MC1R is an all-ginger magazine, and the brainchild of 31-year-old Tristan Rodgers, a student from Hamburg.

The concept started started out as a photography project, but Tristan decided to give a few copies out as gifts to the people who'd helped him put the project together. 

Tristan decided to try crowd-funding the magazine, due to it's popularity, and he began to notice a huge demand.

Two years later, and MC1R has just released its fifth issue, and we're delighted. 

The pages of the magazine are filled with beautiful editorials, made up of stunning redheads. 

If you're auburn-haired and like the sound of this groovy mag, you can get a copy of MC1R here for €16. 


Most of us know Lauren Conrad as the pristine blonde from The Hills. And we've often brought pictures of her to the hairdresser and said, "I want my hair that colour."

She's never really swayed much into any other hue, just the ombré trend here and there. But NOW, feast your eyes on this ladies.

The LC is officially a red head… and we absolutely love it.

Gone are her famous blonde beachy curls and in its place is a vibrant splash of red.We think it brings a whole new lease of life to the 29-year-old, too. 

What do you think? Should she keep it or go back to her golden locks?  


Ariel is, without a doubt, one of the most iconic redheads of all time. And when people think of The Little Mermaid, they think about the strawberry-topped mermaid swimming around the sea. 

But not anymore, it seems. It has been confirmed that the upcoming live action remake of The Little Mermaid will feature Ariel with… blonde hair. *Shivers* 

Chloe Grace Moretz, who is set to play the famous mermaid, made the startling revelation in an interview with Entertainment Weekly earlier this week.

"We’re going off the Hans Christian Anderson novel, so I’ll actually have blonde hair." Noooo!

But the Internet is having absolutely none of it:

And it really is a tragedy with redheads everywhere:



It's unique to be a redhead and so many people wish they were as lucky as you – so embrace it! Here are all the reasons it's great to be a redhead!

1. You are Unique!
Under 2% of the global population have been blessed enough to be born a redhead. And of this 2%, it is thought that a quarter of redheads have dyed their hair. You are a genetic miracle, embrace it!

2. Redheads don’t go grey.
When you reach a certain age, you can bask in the fact that all of your friends are losing those golden highlights you once thought you envied.

3. In some cultures, people still believe that you’re a witch!
That could come in hand…

4. Americans and Asians love you!
If you are a fiery redhead, you are bound to have a few tourists ask to take a picture with you from time to time. If you are also Irish, CONGRATULATIONS you have just experienced what it’s like to be a celebrity.

5. Your body hair is blonde.
You could go a week without shaving your legs and no one would notice. You can head out on the town with legs like big foot and man, woman or beast would be none the wiser. PLUS, you get away with not bleaching/waxing your top lip half the time.

6. Easier for your friends and parents to spot  you in a crowd
Nobody likes getting lost. 

7. You’re in the same category as famous legends
Examples: Ed Sheeran, Ron Weasley, Prince Harry. 

8. Genetics
If you’re a redhead, it’s probably likely that one or both of your parents are the same. The redhead gene is recessive so it’s got to be a strong ass underdog gene to make it past the blondes and brunettes. The gene that you have is a genetic trait that has fought its way from your oldest ancestors to you. Be proud of your genes!

9. Always a hefty supply of factor 50+
On those hot days, when every factor 15, 20 and 25 are nowhere to be seen, factor 50+ stands tall and strong and waiting to be lathered upon your milk bottle complexion.

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