14 questions in life we hate to be asked


There are some questions in this life that should never be asked. You know that type of questions we mean. The ones that make time seem to stand still and that make you want to shrivel up and die inside a little. The ones that if you could turn back time and un-hear, you most definitely would.

So, in order to prepare you for every eventuality, here are some extremely awkward life questions to try and avoid:

1. “So, what are you doing with your life now?”

Well, right now I’m wishing you’d turn around and pretend you didn't see me, you?

2. “How’s the love life?”

Oh fantastic. Despite the fact that we don't know or even like each other that much, you are definitely the person with whom we will share all details of our love life with. Even if it consists of nothing more than repeats of The Notebook.

3. “Still single?”

Still a jerk?

4. “Will we hear wedding bells any time soon?”

Leave me alone!

5. “Do you want kids some day?”

None yo' business!

6. “Are you using protection?”

Oh dear God please stop. Seriously mom. 

7. “Where do you see yourself in ten years time?”

I try not to think about life in ten days time, so ten years is a bit ridiculous isn't it?

8. “What are your salary expectations?”

More than this but what choice is there?

9. “What would you say are your best qualities?”

Bleugh, this one is so hard. There's a fine line between confident and arrogant. 

10. “Why do you think you should get this job?”

Well, the dole is good for about two weeks and then the days just drag and Doctor Phil reruns are back to the start again so…yeah. 

11. “How much do you weigh?”

Just enough.

12. “How many times a week do you work out?”

Couldn't even count it's so often. 

13. “Are you sleeping with them?”

Unless it's your BFF, that's none of your concern. 

14. “So what’s your magic number?”

A lady does not kiss and tell. Not to you anyway. 

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