The 13 worst summer jobs we’ve all had

Summer time is when many college students use their free time to take on full-time jobs to save, save, save.

That doesn’t mean it’s fun, in fact, it’s downright terrible most of the time.

Here are the worst jobs we’ve all had to do:

1. Fast food restaurants
It’s constantly jammers, you constantly smell like chips, but hey, at least they taste good!

giphy2. Sales rep
It is paid by commission and you would be lucky if you even make one sale. You have to dress nice too, which is a pain.

suits-0-gmacht3. Fund-raising
If you’re easily embarrassed this is definitely not the one for you. Even though your doing this for a good cause as well as money, everyone hates you.

466459514. Waiting tables
Having to put up with annoying customers all day? Clean up after them and have them be SO rude? You earn those tips, girl.

No-tip5.  Bar work
Working till 3 in the morning, cleaning up drunk people’s puke and constantly having sticky arms from jager? Bluegh.

489429536. Promotional work
You need high energy for this and it wears on you after a whileIt’s not much fun promoting a product that no one will try because it tastes like crap.

giphy7. Busking
It’s not a summer job, but you can make a few bob if you’re in the right place and play the right tunes.

f2bd2660c8696c864c5f4a65851fefdcdef71a5c885314d34d2bb19c4a0b79b18. Working on the farm
You have an uncle that owns  a farm and needs a spare hand to help out. It is physically demanding and you’re covered in cow manure by the end of the day.

tumblr_lef0ciHXrJ1qzbmi69. Shop assistant
If it’s your local shop it can be handy that it’s so near to you. You also have to put up with the locals.

super-bad-fml-o10. Hotel staff
Working in a hotel for the summer means you have to do every odd job there is. Taking the bags, cleaning the rooms and of course dealing with the snotty guests.

tumblr_mxfet94zDA1qa5etko1_50011. Telemarketing
There is a reason people don’t have house phones anymore, because of telemarketers. This is another one paid on commission and that requires the ability to be able to sell useless crap to people who don’t need it.

giphy12. Crèche
What is the best way to nurse a hangover? Working with screaming children all day long and having to organise activities for them. Woo…


13. Office work
When you’re working in an office over the summer you’re basically the officer caddy. You do all the little jobs like getting lunches, shredding useless paper and filing. The worst part is that your boss asks you to work over the weekend when you do absolutely nothing of note anyway during the week.


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